A semi shitty week of work

I (Craig) am back at work after 7 weeks off. I’m fortunate enough to be able to come back on reduced hours to ease back in. We are still getting into the groove of how to manage the morning so I can get to work on time and not leave 3 monsters for mama to take care of.

This week went by well enough, lots of catchup work to do. I was hella tired and coffee really didn’t do the trick. My Friday was looking wonderful, my lovely wife took on the 3am feeding like a rockstar and let me get extra sleep. We got two fed with propping. It looked like a great day…

When I walked into the office I got bird bombed. Covered my head, arm, coat and shirt… I got into my office and scrubbed done with sanitizer wipes and had to go about my day.

It appears I can’t escape being covered in bodily fluids.

Mama made the day better by bringing them into the office for a visit.

Household and Soccer Adventures

Becca and I coach for a local soccer club and there was a tournament going on this weekend. Thursday and Friday we were getting new flooring installed from the water leak. And Saturday we were putting the house back together. So we aimed to go to a game at 1:30 to visit some of the families we coach for… well we started getting ready around 11 and made it to the last 10mins of the game… Oh Well!!! It was a beautiful Alaskan summer day and it was fun to let the team see the babies. We even got a group photo. Go Team Gunners!!!

We are still putting the house back together. Since we had to empty our main level, we are wanting to change our layout a little. I also found time to recaulk the bathtub as it needed to be done. Only took a week…

Evening Prep

Since we are a pumping and bottle family, evening prep is key. We had this little grey craft caddy laying around in the house and put it to use! In the evening we do two major things to help use survive the night.

1. All of the bottles are washed and sanitized if needed, and set to dry after the 8/9pm feeding.

2. We then prep enough bottles to get through the night and the first morning feeding. We leave the bottles semi-disassembled so they can keep drying. Once they are used we move them over to the other side of the caddy.

The rest of our bottles are left to dry through the night which will get us through the afternoon.

Rinse and repeat!

Afternoon Adventures

Most of our day is consumed with preparing for the next feeding, with a few minute mainline some coffee and eat the food in our fridge not questioning how old it is… hahaha Just kidding, Becca and I have a good schedule down and we are able to get in a brunch and dinner normally.

Today we picked out new flooring for our main level, it should be installed in the next couple of weeks. Becca picked out a new desk for her work and we both managed to get a little work done. Becca took on the evening feeding alone while I folded laundry, washed the dishes and bottles, and made dinner.

Feeding and Efficiency

Some of you may ask how we feed all of them at once… with maximum efficiency! Haha

You can feed two at once with a some extra dexterity in your fingers.

You also purp two babies at once, it is a great arm workout since there’s no time to go to the gym, like I’d go anyway… haha

We will post in detail how we do feedings on the tricks and tips page as it can be a resource for multiples families.

In the meantime, stay flexible my friends!