A semi shitty week of work

I (Craig) am back at work after 7 weeks off. I’m fortunate enough to be able to come back on reduced hours to ease back in. We are still getting into the groove of how to manage the morning so I can get to work on time and not leave 3 monsters for mama to take care of.

This week went by well enough, lots of catchup work to do. I was hella tired and coffee really didn’t do the trick. My Friday was looking wonderful, my lovely wife took on the 3am feeding like a rockstar and let me get extra sleep. We got two fed with propping. It looked like a great day…

When I walked into the office I got bird bombed. Covered my head, arm, coat and shirt… I got into my office and scrubbed done with sanitizer wipes and had to go about my day.

It appears I can’t escape being covered in bodily fluids.

Mama made the day better by bringing them into the office for a visit.

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