Q: Are they natural?

A: The correct question is are they spontaneous…and yes, they are spontaneous, which occurs in roughly 32 out of every 100,000 births in the US.

If your family conceived through IVF, we salute you! Your baby(s) is wonderful and just as amazing as ours. We all have a journey to go through with wins and losses; be proud and vocal with your story! Fertility should not be a taboo topic, everyone deserves support and guidance through this journey.

Q: Do multiples run in your family?

A: Yes, fraternal twins on both sides, but the Douglets are the first set of triplets and the first granddaughters in Craig’s side of the family.

Q: What was their due date?

A: Their 40 week due date was May 8th; however, 36 weeks is the realistic due date for triplets and the one the doctor’s use.

Q: How far along were they at birth?

A: They were born at 33 weeks on the dot. This was Becca’s goal to make, as the risk of brain bleeds goes down 95% at 33 weeks.

Q: Are you having more kids?

A: No idea yet but we get asked this ALL THE TIME. Ask us again in a few years!! No, but seriously, in the future we would like to adopt another baby/child.

Q: What did Becca crave during pregnancy?

A: Taco Bell’s hard tacos (eww we know!), tapioca pudding and ice cold milk. Not mixed together…

Q: How was pregnancy?

A: If you ask Craig this question, it is very different from Becca’s. He would say it went by quick and we had minimal complications. Becca would say it was the longest seven months ever, with around the clock morning sickness for about four months! After the morning sickness subsided, then came the big belly!

Coming home from the hospital!

Q: How long was the hospital/NICU stay?

A: Reagan came home April 17th at 28 days old. Harper and Emerie came home on April 21 at 32 days.

Q: Were they natural birth or C Section?

A: C Section, with their configuration in the womb, natural birth would have been far too dangerous and had a 99.99% guarantee of turning into a C Section. All three girls were out in less than two minutes!

Q: Are they identical?

A: Yes they are all identical. Having spontaneous identical triplets is around a 1 in 200 million chance.

Q: How do you tell them apart?

A: At 2AM we don’t… all the other times it is easy to tell Emerie from the other two as she is a full pound smaller and has a hemangioma on her forehead. When they were smaller, Harper had a longer face than Reagan, and Reagan chubbier cheeks. For a while we painted their thumbnails with their assigned colors; as they grew we put them in distinct colors: Harper in pink, Emerie in purple and Reagan in teal. The older they get, the more personalities and mannerisms differentiate who is who. Everyone else uses their colors!

Hanging out at the park at about 4 months old.

Q: Why are we blogging?

A: To be a resource!!! There are not a lot resources, blogs, and what not out there for multiples and triplet families. We hope that a triplet family or two can find our blog and it can answer the questions and settle the worries that we had.

There are good resources for twins out there which we found helpful, however logistically triplets and twins are vastly different.

We also enjoy blogging as a way to look back on our family adventures. The first year is full of many sleepless nights and extremely tired parents. This is a way to remember all the wonderful, little things throughout that time and capture how amazing this journey really is.