Miscellaneous Fun Purchases

There are a number of things that we’ve purchased over the past few months that aren’t necessities, but are fun for one reason or another. Not every purchase for the girls should be out of necessity; there are a lot of things we’ve found work great and are practical and useful. You have to have a little fun when you are spending so much money on babies…X3!

  1. June and January: http://www.juneandjanuary.com First off, this website has really cute clothes. They focus on simple styles, stripes, solids, and basic patterns with a great color selection.  This is useful for our pink, teal, and purple color coordinating. My favorite thing so far are their 0-6 month baby booties. They are fantastic!  The booties have Velcro, which keeps them on the girls feet even when very fidgety, and keep those little extremities warm.baby bootie
  2. Etsy Shop: AubreyGianna: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AubreyGianna I might have a problem on the amount of things I have ordered from this site. When the girls were a few months old, they didn’t like wearing  any headbands I put on them. Another mom suggested I try headbands made out of the mesh fabric from panty hose, and it’s a huge difference. It doesn’t bother them at all, and doesn’t leave a line on their heads.  AubreyGianna has a TON of variety, in colors, patterns, and styles.  She also has sale items quite often, and I’ve bought more than my share of headbands for the girls because…it’s okay if they are on sale…right?!97fd66c0-72a9-490e-b61b-548e31721182
  3. Burp cloths! My two favorite types are the Gerber baby ones: they are stretchy and soft and cute fabrics; and ones made by a lady in Anchorage using cloth diaper fabrics. They soak up spilled milk very well and we use them daily for meal propping…plus, they are super cute fabrics! You can find them in Etsy, the brand is Greenrock Creations.
  4. Family Christmas ornaments, Alaska style and made by a local!img_4136
  5. More to come!

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