Helpful Items

We have a few products that we love! They make day to day life easier, faster and smoother.

We will continue to add videos and written reviews of these items/products as we discover them. Hopefully you find it helpful!

So far Dad’s favorite!!! The “Dad Shirt” from Lalabu

This is an awesome shirt for carrying your baby. It is made of a heavy spandex material and can hold an infant 7-15 pounds. The great thing about these shirts is how easy they are. No straps, clips, buckles or knots. Just slide the baby into the pouch and go about your day, all the while snuggling with your little one and freeing up your hands!

Mom has even taken to wearing the Dad Shirt because it is a little longer than the Soothe Shirt for Moms. Hers didn’t want to go over her postpartum bust…so size up if you plan on buying one for after the kids arrive. Or just insist Dad has to carry them around for you…


Here we are carrying all three in Lalabu shirts thanks to help from a friend. Going on walks around the neighborhood, with the dogs in tow, was so much easier this way when the girls were small. Because we had preemie babies, we used these shirts for several months before the girls outgrew them.  We highly recommend them!

We highly recommend these shirts, they make life faster and easier. So much of our day is filled with clean up and preparing for the next part of the day. These shirts give you the time and hands to wash bottles, fold laundry or go for a walk. 🙂

Lalabu Home Page.

Lalabu FAQs Page.

Teething Toys

As the girls start teething, we’ve discovered a few toys that they like a lot more than others. Every baby is different, and each one takes to a different thing most of the time. Now that all three are drooling and teething (at six months old), everyone seems to like several certain ones.

  1. The banana or “Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging Toothbrush”: the girls absolutely love it and quickly picked up how to hold it and chew all sides of it. We have 3 of them.
    1. These teethers can also be put in the freezer for additional relief, although they don’t stay cold for very long once given to the kiddos. They are available at most stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) or on Amazon at: Banana Teetherimg_3462
  2. The “RaZ-Berry” teether: this one mimics the look of a pacifier but is also a teether.  I just ordered several more in different colors!  This is the first toy that the girls will roll on their side and reach for, and put into their mouths without assistance (which they don’t do on their pacifiers very often yet!). The bumps on the “raspberry” help with fussiness and they can chew on it for a while.RaZBerry
    1. Available at most stores or on Amazon at: RaZ-Berry Teether

Teether toys working their magic.

All Things Food Time!

  1. When it comes to feeding time, bibs are a must. As the girls grow, they discover it is fun to pull off their sisters’ bibs, or their own, right in the middle of a meal. To remedy this, we found the Aden by Aden muslin bibs have snaps, and the girls can’t pull them off. Did I mention they are soft, cute, and come in a variety of styles and a three pack!? You can find them here.1
  2. Another multiple family necessity is the Triplet Feeding Table (real title is the Kid’s 4 Piece Activity Table and Chair Set). This table is sold in a few places, but we found that Wayfair (here!) had the best option of shipping to Alaska. The table boasts three forward-facing seats in a variety of colors, is light weight, and can be adjusted in height between 19″ and 27″. The seats easily pop out for cleaning and fits kids up to 30 pounds (at at year we are only at 20 so we will use it a while longer!). It not only decreased feeding times, but is also a great spot to put the kiddos when you need free hands for a moment. As the girls get older, we will start doing arts and crafts and other non-food related things here too. This table is a game changer!!


Sleepy Time

  1. We are a sleep sack family…with the help of sleep sacks, the girls (mostly) slept through the night the first eight months home from the NICU. This greatly resulted from several different sleep sacks. Halo sleep sacks (available on Amazon) are incredible at stopping preemie babies from startling throughout the night. As the girls grew, we matured out of them and let their arms free, using arm free ones from J.C. Penney’s (here!) that are a bit cheaper than the Halo brand. They have some pretty cute patterns and colors for babies. For those cold winter nights, we used the Carters microfleece sleeping bags to keep the girls nice and toasty while letting them wiggle their arms as much as they wanted. Unfortunately these only go up to about a year in size, or we would still be using them. Lighter weight muslin ones are great as they continue to grow.1
  2. Wyze Cams – These cameras are AMAZING. In addition to be very well priced ($25.00 each on Amazon), using multiple cameras at the same time is not only easy, but extremely helpful when trying to quickly ascertain which baby is fussing in the dark. The quality is fantastic in the light and the dark, and you can record or time-lapse as well. We replayed the 7.2 earthquake we had last winter and it was pretty cool to see. They also attach to the wall by magnet, or you can purchase ones that swivel. We have both!img_0265

Another recent and very useful purchase is a portable playpen off of Amazon. This 8 panel, fold up playpen is easy to haul, pretty lightweight, and keeps the kids contained whether you are out in the yard, at the park, or in your living room. The model we purchased is available here.

and much more!