Hospital and NICU Stay

On Monday March 19, 2018 we went in for a check up. After providing a irons sample to measure protein levels we sat in the exam room longer than normal. Our doctor came in an announced she booked us a private suite at the hospital for a 24 hour urine analysis. Becca’s protein count had increased significantly.

We went home, gathered our hospital bag, snuggled the animals, grabbed lunch and coffee and went to the hospital.

They started with heart monitoring for the babies, had 5 or 6 people try to get and IV line in for fluids and began the 24 hour urine analysis. They gave Becca a steroid and TDAP shot. Fast forward an uncomfortable and rather sleepless night (for Becca) to the 20th and our doctor came in on morning rounds and gave us the option of having them that afternoon or the following morning. We chose today! It was the first day of spring, the sun was shining, birds chirping… nah Becca was just VERY done carrying them! Hahaha. The goal was to make 33 weeks gestation, and this was 33 exactly. We learned after asking for that day that no food or even water could be eaten until after surgery. That was definitely brutal!

Becca got in a shower and we had a wonderful nurse that came in and french braided Becca’s hair for the surgery (hey that’s important!).

We learned later the hospital had to scramble a little to get more staff for the intake of triplets into the NICU.

For a more detailed story, check out the blog about their birthdays from last March!