The Douglets

The Douglas Trio, or Douglets as we like to call them, are spontaneous identical triplet girls. They were born March 20, 2018 (the first day of spring) at 33 weeks on the dot.

Harper (Baby A), Emerie (Baby B), and Reagan (Baby C) are monozygotic identical triplets, more commonly known as identical triplets. They were dichorionic triamniotic triplets, meaning there were two placentas, A and B in one and C in the other, but each with their own amniotic sack.

We had a pleasant NICU stay with no major concerns. Each of them had to have respiratory support and light therapy jaundice, but eventually passed each necessary milestone with flying colors.

We took Reagan home on April 17th after 28 days in the NICU; and took Harper and Emerie home on April 21st after a 32 day visit.

Heading home from the NICU

The girls are over six months old now and growing like weeds! Life is very busy but fun as we see everyone’s personalities advance, change, and expand! We are looking forward to the holiday season and new baby milestones.

Six months old and enjoying fall time.

Here we go…!