Christmas on the floor

Hello from the floor, well actually from bed, but I’ve spent a great deal of time on the floor this weekend. I pulled a muscle in my back yet again, and continue to have muscle spasms that keep me flat on my back. On Christmas Eve I had to go to the clinic and get a shot in the butt just to manage the pain.

Thankfully a few friends we able to come over and help with the girls to allow Becca a few minutes to herself. Okay maybe only a few seconds.

Being out of commission really shows us just how much our routine and schedule depend on Becca and I working as a team. I hope to be up and running shortly. I tired of feeling useless when it comes to helping and playing with the girls.

I’ve been able to feed Emerie while in bed since she’s has slept next to me in the rock and play for the last week.

I leave this post with a shout out to the friend and family that came over and helped, it was more than a holiday blessing. And a bigger shout out to my wife, she’s doing a great job and has to pull triple duty all the time. Hopefully she doesn’t throw me to the wood chipper and replace me with a guy that doesn’t have back issues…

Fur babies among bald babies…

Becca and I started collecting fur babies with our grey cat Rafi (named after the great Rafalski), then white cat Rory, our greyhound Kalli, and our healer Koda. They are pretty well acclimated to the girls and even find ways to get in some snuggles and baby time.

Rory is by far the most daring our the animals and doesn’t care if he is in the way or on a baby item. He rules the house and the dogs and will sleep anywhere he wants. He did not appreciate being shaved this spring because we made him wear a sweater. Most often he can be found on the changing table in the nursery, when the sun is out.

Rafi is a bit more timid but is learning that the babies are good napping buddies…unless they are awake…and he will go snuggle in with Rory.

Kalli loves the babies and will come check on them and give them a little nudge with her head to make sure they are safe and sound. She also makes sure they are bathed whenever she can, or licks up any remaining breast milk on their faces.

Koda is by far they most timid of the pets when it comes to the babies. She will smell them and check on them but mainly just likes to sleep nearby wherever they or Becca is at. She doesn’t want to snuggle with them or lick the milk off their faces. Not that there’s ever any left after Kalli.

We were a bit nervous on how the pets would react to the babies. We are super happy they are finding them to be great napping buddies. Kalli and Koda don’t get to go hiking this summer but they are managing well enough with walks around the neighborhood. We are happy that our fur babies have taken well to the girls and look forward to their future friendships.

Triplet MacGyvering

We have to hit up target the other day and didn’t want pack up the stroller for our quick visit. Our car seats fit nicely in the target shopping carts, but they can only fit one… until you MacGyver like a boss and bungee cord the second one in the cart! Triplet win!

Oh how the tables have turned!

Three months ago I was having to help Becca put on her underwear, pants and socks; tonight she had to repay the deed. My back has been out for a week and today I’ve been rotating ice and heat. I got to where I was feeling good and walked downstairs. By the time I got to the kitchen I had to lay down on the floor to release the muscle spasm. Then got up to cuddle with Emerie and had to set her aside on the sofa as I rolled off of it to lay down again. The night ended with Becca having to put underwear, shorts and socks on me so we could go to the ER. I have a feeling it may have been worse for Becca since she had to dress me while I laid in bed… oh good times.

Hello from the floor

Throughout the course of the week I (Craig) tweaked my back and have not been able to move around well. I have attempted to help Becca with the morning feedings and found myself laying on the floor in the nursery watching the ceiling fan. I get what they find so interesting about it. It really is a nice fan.