Yes, this post is relatively pointless…but it has photos!

Yes, the fan obsession is real and thriving.

Yes, Craig turned on the nursery ceiling fan to “air out the room,” not simply for our enjoyment to see the girls reaction (uh huh…)

And yes, everyone continues to stare at it during feeds, diaper changes, snuggle time and bed time.

Reagan was on the changing table when it started spinning and had this complete look of awe, including the open mouth jaw drop. So funny. All day today today they have been eyeing it at every opportunity. I guess I need a fan in each room.

Emerie likes to ignore me for photos and stare at it. Is she looking at me? No. Lol.

She’s also mildly flipping me (or maybe the fan?) the bird…

Harper is a little less thrilled and a little more hostile toward it.

And yes, if you were wondering, everyone is wearing overalls today. Why? Because it was a beautiful summer day (at least it looks like it from the nursery window haha).

Oh and what is Emerie looking at? Yeah.

This weekend we will strive to have more adventures with them than quality ceiling fan time.

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