Household and Soccer Adventures

Becca and I coach for a local soccer club and there was a tournament going on this weekend. Thursday and Friday we were getting new flooring installed from the water leak. And Saturday we were putting the house back together. So we aimed to go to a game at 1:30 to visit some of the families we coach for… well we started getting ready around 11 and made it to the last 10mins of the game… Oh Well!!! It was a beautiful Alaskan summer day and it was fun to let the team see the babies. We even got a group photo. Go Team Gunners!!!

We are still putting the house back together. Since we had to empty our main level, we are wanting to change our layout a little. I also found time to recaulk the bathtub as it needed to be done. Only took a week…

One thought on “Household and Soccer Adventures

  1. Bet the last ten minutes felt like a victory lol we tend to be early to places but with triplets I’m starting to think I rather be late than be waiting! Lovely sunny day! Let these babies have a bit of vitamin D!


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