Feeding and Efficiency

Some of you may ask how we feed all of them at once… with maximum efficiency! Haha

You can feed two at once with a some extra dexterity in your fingers.

You also purp two babies at once, it is a great arm workout since there’s no time to go to the gym, like I’d go anyway… haha

We will post in detail how we do feedings on the tricks and tips page as it can be a resource for multiples families.

In the meantime, stay flexible my friends!

One thought on “Feeding and Efficiency

  1. Efficiency is the key to make it work. You will continue to find little ways to gain some time here and there. Logistics is everything! We formula fed from the beginning, found our way to a Tommy Tippee Perfect prep machine combined with a Dr Brown’s mixer pitcher! we partition every day in little tubs the portions for each feed and it takes very little time to get bottles ready at each feed. We’re super fans of Chicco’s Boppy Hug & Nest for feeding as well, now they use them as climbing obstacles when crawling 🙂 Can I add that the Boppy’s are also super comfortable as adult head rest lol


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