More Giggles and…Shots?

I didn’t want Emerie to feel left out… she giggled just after I posted yesterday’s blog. She’s also started talking to us constantly, what Harper and Reagan did last week.

I’ve noticed the girls only giggle when they are in diapers, and mostly on the changing table. It makes me think they are starting to be ticklish and that makes them laugh. Or my face and hair are somehow very silly to them! They also get the hiccups each time, so their diaphragms aren’t quite ready for it but that’ll get better. But seriously it is cute. I’m excited for this development phase!

We also had four month shots yesterday, which we’re told are one of the worst shot sets. Not surprisingly there were tears and fussiness after, but we made it through and the doctor helped us cuddle and feed them. Everyone is in good percentiles, and Reagan is actually 1/4″ taller then Harper now!

Last night was a bit rough with a lot of crankiness and overall today went pretty well with Tylenol for their mild fevers. It was also an excuse to put them in cute summer clothing, because the house was warm today, and to have more baby snuggles! We will certainly continue to do doctor checkups on Fridays, especially when I go back to work, so we have the weekend to get everyone back to their normal, happy selves.

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