Momma vs Dada

The house is getting more vocal! Harper and Emerie are on Team Craig and like to yell, or quietly whisper, dadadadada…

I think they win for first ones saying it…BUT….

Reagan is on Team Becca and the first to pronounce the “m” sound and say Momma this week!

Harper saying dadada….she’s getting really good at it!

We are also starting the baby wrestling this month.

Harper and Reagan

Everyone is starting to be on the move in one way or another. Em has figured out she can get out of tummy time by rolling… Every. Single. Time!

Reagan now does this cute little shoulder roll when she is happy. It usually pairs with a happy giggle and big smile.

I now can’t turn my back without someone rolling over or moving spots. They aren’t quite crawling yet, but Reagan is super close. Even Harper, who is not a fan of exerting herself unless forced, is pulling herself back to sit right positions and turning onto her stomach, much to her dismay.

This started as sit time…

We broke out the activity table they received from Christmas and all three think it is about as cool as the ceiling fan! In fact, when one is playing on it (assisted by parent), the other two are insanely jealous and let us know it should be their turn ASAP!

Reagan keeps turning onto her tummy and playing and swinging her feet around. I think she will be our first crawler, but the other two won’t be far behind. Here Emerie is doing the butt wiggle. She is trying really hard to beat Reagan to it!

Okay one more video…not only are the girls talking, or should I say babbling, more, but they are also interacting with each other. The secret baby language is not too far away!

So yes, there is a lot going on this month in the Douglas household. And it’s about to get even wilder!

Who is the most…?

I saw this on Facebook earlier this fall and thought it would be fun. I started filling this post out a couple months ago and I can already see some of the answers have shifted around. As I alluded to in my last post, the girls seem to have flip flopped a little on several personality traits. For example, Harper is no longer our rock sleeper…thankfully Reagan has taken that on and now loves to stretch out and sleep in her crib, pacifier and all.

Sleepy Reagan (unswaddled!)

Random family photo from when I started this post originally. They are so tiny!

So here we go!

Who’s the most stubborn? Emerie when she’s mad, Harper when she’s tired and doesn’t want to be in her crib.

Who’s the most laid back? Harper for the first few months, now that teething has slowed down it’s Reagan.

Reagan hanging out at the new table

Who has the worst temper? Emerie!!

I just love this photo, poor baby.

Who’s more likely to share? All of them right now, but they also all steal each other toys.

Who eats the most? Reagan. She’ll eat 2 full bottles at bedtime, sometimes more!

Who is the picky eater? For baby food, Reagan or Harper; both sometimes believe we are poisoning them. For bottles, lately Emerie has been the most fidgety.

Who can sleep the longest? Harper up until last month. Now it’s Reagan!

Harper post afternoon nap

Who’s the loudest? It depends. Emerie has the highest pitched shriek, but Harper loves to randomly yell and exercise her voice.

Who is the shyest? Reagan

Who has the attitude? All of them lol…although Emerie probably takes the cake on this one.

Who needs the most reassurance? Emerie in general, Reagan when going thru a developmental leap.

Who is the most dramatic? Emerie for sure. She’s already starting her terrible twos lol

Who’s the clingiest? Emerie is when she is fussy or at bedtime, Reagan when I first get home from work and she demands snuggles. Harper occasionally at bedtime but she’s getting better at self soothing.

Who’s the sneakiest? Emerie. I think she’s going to be the bandleader.

Who giggles the most? Right now all of them on different things. Reagan is the hardest to get to crack a smile, while Harper will give you a big grin pretty easily. Em loves to smile.

Reagan resisting a smile. So serious!

Harper helping Mom sort through new clothing

Who dislikes tummy time the most? Who likes it the best? Harper definitely dislikes it the most! She will lay there and scream. Emerie dislikes it too but will immediately roll out of it. Reagan is not a fan but will cooperate for a few minutes.

Who enjoys jumping the most? If I have to choose one baby, I think it would be Emerie. When she’s excited to be in the bouncer, she is jumping to the heavens and giggling.

Who rolls over the most? Lately Emerie rolls the most, but generally that is due to her hatred of tummy time. Otherwise it is Reagan!

Who is the best sitter? Reagan is our strongest kiddo and can sit up really well!

Who holds their bottle the best? No one is great at it yet, but everyone is progressing along nicely.

I will fill this out again this summer and see how different it is once the girls are mobile and better voicing their opinions.

Half Birthday Already?!

I can hardly believe six months have passed as of Thursday afternoon! The saying the days are long but the years are short really is true and I am starting to better understand that meaning.

Six months!!

We are starting a more exciting phase of development, with little personalities continuing to bloom and new traits and skills appearing.  This is the “age of the jumper” and with that comes the ability to start moving more.

Everyone is so observant now. I think their love of the bedroom fan is replaced with their love of the front yard tree. It’s bright and yellow and they stare at it constantly.

Snacking on their photo props…


Weight:  14 pounds, 12 oz. (23%) & 26″ (53%)

How gorgeous is this quilt made by my Mom?!

Favorite Baby Food: Harper tolerates baby food when she’s in the mood for it and is starting to understand how the spoon works to get her food. Like her sisters, she enjoys carrots and really likes sweet potatoes.

The sit me up chairs are awesome

Likes: She really likes the jumper! She has a different rhythm than Emerie does, and pushes up with one foot at a time, back and forth.  She almost looks like she is dancing and then she giggles and smiles at you at the same time.

Harper loves the jumper and has rhythm!

Dislikes: Harper is our “chillest” baby. Before she cries about something she will let us know in her stern voice she is not happy. She doesn’t really dislike anything other than being stuck in the middle between her sisters. Apparently she had enough of that in the womb, because she was in the middle!

Development/Traits: Her hands exist and almost her feet. This week she discovered she can watch the dogs as they rough house and she thought it was hysterical- full on giggles. Harper is pretty good at grasping things held in front of her and putting them in her mouth, so we’ve taken to handing her things so she continues to improve.


Weight: 13 pounds, 4 oz. (5%) & 24″ (9%)

Emerie on Grandma Anne’s quilt

Favorite Baby Food: She likes everything, but really likes carrots. She’s mastered the spoon before her sisters and will open her mouth so you can shovel food in there. If you are too slow she let’s you know she’s waiting!

Likes: Emerie LOVES the jumper.  When I say love, I really mean love. When placed in the jumper, she will go for 30 minutes and bounce and bounce up and down using both feet, all the while smiling and chatting and giggling.  It is adorable.

Emerie’s happy place

Dislikes: No change on this one; she still like to be cuddled and demands bedtime snuggles.

Development/Traits: She has figured out her hands exist, but not quite her feet. She is starting to hold onto her bottle and not just knock it over (hallelujah!). This week she also discovered she can watch the dogs as they roam the house and that seems interesting.



Weight: 14 pounds, 12 oz. (23%) & 25.75″ (42%)

Reagan chilling on her quilt.

Favorite Baby Food: She is not a big fan of baby food yet…but we are working on it. She tolerated pears and sweet potatoes, and carrots so far seem to be her favorite when she decides she wants to eat.

Likes: She really likes her toys, especially her corn teether and owl and anything that sounds like tissue paper. She also likes to look at the pictures on the fridge.

Don’t worry she isn’t crawling yet!

Dislikes: The jumper! She is NOT a fan. We’ve put her in several different styles and she literally sits there for a couple minutes, and then fusses. She will look at the toys a bit but refuses to bounce or jump at all.

Development/Traits: Like her sisters, Reagan has figured out her hands exist, but not quite her feet. She is extremely good at grasping things held in front of her and putting them in her mouth. Reagan is our startler; loud or abrupt noises still make her jump more than her sisters do. She also remains the strongest of the three.

Strong legs!

Everyone is still in halo sleep sacks at night; we figure that will continue for another month or two. We are also still tracking their feedings daily and that helps us remember how everyone is doing on things! We now have three jumpers and three sit me up chairs. And we survived six month shots; they are taking it 1000x better than their four month ones.

Post shot snack!

More Giggles and…Shots?

I didn’t want Emerie to feel left out… she giggled just after I posted yesterday’s blog. She’s also started talking to us constantly, what Harper and Reagan did last week.

I’ve noticed the girls only giggle when they are in diapers, and mostly on the changing table. It makes me think they are starting to be ticklish and that makes them laugh. Or my face and hair are somehow very silly to them! They also get the hiccups each time, so their diaphragms aren’t quite ready for it but that’ll get better. But seriously it is cute. I’m excited for this development phase!

We also had four month shots yesterday, which we’re told are one of the worst shot sets. Not surprisingly there were tears and fussiness after, but we made it through and the doctor helped us cuddle and feed them. Everyone is in good percentiles, and Reagan is actually 1/4″ taller then Harper now!

Last night was a bit rough with a lot of crankiness and overall today went pretty well with Tylenol for their mild fevers. It was also an excuse to put them in cute summer clothing, because the house was warm today, and to have more baby snuggles! We will certainly continue to do doctor checkups on Fridays, especially when I go back to work, so we have the weekend to get everyone back to their normal, happy selves.

Not Every Day is Sunshine and Rainbows

Don’t worry, only the start of this blog is slightly bleh. The end is amazing!!

Not everyday is sunshine and roses (today was hoodie weather!). I seem to post more when we hit a developmental milestone or the girls are looking super spiffy. The reality is, we definitely have our stress moments and hours of multiple screaming, inconsolable babies. It’s just not all the time, thank goodness.

The last few nights were one of those times you need three more hands on your body. Both Harper and Emerie were practically inconsolable for over an hour at bedtime on Tuesday and last night was a similar fussiness. Reagan was fussy but manageable.

We keep reminding ourselves that the girls are in another developmental jump and it’s making them uber cranky. They are definitely more interested in the world and looking around, when they aren’t shrieking. The past couple of days have been significantly less intake during feeding time, which is a little funny since I just ordered a bunch a bigger (8oz) Dr. Brown bottles. Guess they weren’t ready for that yet!

On a happier and less complaining note…last Friday Reagan and Monday for Harper, giggled!! Both were full on baby giggles, and will make your ovaries churn! Here’s Reagan giggling at Daddy.

And here is Harper giggling!

Emerie did a crazy giggle yesterday, one similar to the sneaky giggles in the movies, but she hasn’t fully done it yet. I’m sure it’s right around the corner…after four month shots…