Mother’s Day #2!

My first Mother’s Day was wonderful, but very vague in my memory now (we were a bit tired last May lol). We left the girls for the first time last year to go get pedicures together for an hour. For my second one, Craig made all the stops!

They were so tiny last year!!

We bailed on work a few minutes early on Thursday and picked out a new wedding band for my ring. Is there really anything better than a request by your husband to leave early to go buy jewelry? Yeah not that I can think of lol.

I came home from work to a wonderful gift from Nanny Chris and the girls. They decorated a flowerpot for me to enjoy, in the girls’ colors, with tiny baby fingerprints. So very thoughtful and sweet! Also quite impressive she did arts and crafts during the day…that takes a lot of effort!

Craig took the girls to Dad’s group on Saturday and did another little project that I adore. It’s definitely going up on the wall once I get a frame on it! Emerie apparently made him work for it…she does not have a giant foot.

The other amazing present in honor of being a mom? The girls slept alllll night in their room (on Saturday night), with barely a peep! That means we both felt rested and I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee bright and early with some Netflix and my feet up. A rare occasion.

Of course, the girls ended that present with a very grumpy day and only a 40 minute nap for the day. Thank goodness we had a decent night’s sleep. They were still cute in their dresses, even through the grumpiness. Oh well!

Butterfly Feet

Yesterday we decided to attempt an arts and crafts project with the girls. They weren’t super thrilled at the idea but I think it came out pretty decently! We will definitely give it another try soon, and have a few other body part ideas!

A list of items for this include:

  • A cute baby with baby feet!
  • Acrylic paint (it washes right off): don’t want any permanent purple baby feet!
  • Mini brushes
  • Canvases of any size: I got a few different ones so we could try out a few different things.
  • Newspaper to limit the mess, and a wash cloth to wipe those feet off when the hate rage begins!
  • Two sets of hands is also helpful, one set to coddle the minion and one set to press the foot into the canvas. We had a few alien feet attempts…

They didn’t particularly like the feeling of paint on their toes, but overall were good sports. We did individual butterflies for each of them and a group canvas as well.

Next I want to try a few handprints on a coffee mug. After painting their feet, we gave them each a break to recuperate. It’s surprising how strong they are when they don’t want their painted feet pushed against a canvas! Reagan definitely fought back the most, and Harper and Emerie tolerated it for the most part. I think it will be a great addition to their memory boxes.