Starting to Roll

Welp, we officially have a roller. Not an accidental roll either like in June. Craig put Reagan down on the floor for tummy time and off she went! She immediately rolled a couple times and I caught part of it on camera! Eeek!

When Harper went down for tummy time she refused to try to roll. Instead she scooted with her legs, on her belly, around the mat. That’s a little too close to crawling if you ask me…

Emerie’s neck muscles are getting a lot stronger and she’s not quite so “beast mode” during tummy time.

I put Reagan and Harper in sleepers are little too similar, and we were having a heck of a time telling them apart! But they were so cute…outfits all the way from Reine in England!

The girls are FINALLY settling down for the four month shots; but are again cranky from the 80 degree heat that makes our house boil. Thank goodness for baby tank tops!

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