Not Every Day is Sunshine and Rainbows

Don’t worry, only the start of this blog is slightly bleh. The end is amazing!!

Not everyday is sunshine and roses (today was hoodie weather!). I seem to post more when we hit a developmental milestone or the girls are looking super spiffy. The reality is, we definitely have our stress moments and hours of multiple screaming, inconsolable babies. It’s just not all the time, thank goodness.

The last few nights were one of those times you need three more hands on your body. Both Harper and Emerie were practically inconsolable for over an hour at bedtime on Tuesday and last night was a similar fussiness. Reagan was fussy but manageable.

We keep reminding ourselves that the girls are in another developmental jump and it’s making them uber cranky. They are definitely more interested in the world and looking around, when they aren’t shrieking. The past couple of days have been significantly less intake during feeding time, which is a little funny since I just ordered a bunch a bigger (8oz) Dr. Brown bottles. Guess they weren’t ready for that yet!

On a happier and less complaining note…last Friday Reagan and Monday for Harper, giggled!! Both were full on baby giggles, and will make your ovaries churn! Here’s Reagan giggling at Daddy.

And here is Harper giggling!

Emerie did a crazy giggle yesterday, one similar to the sneaky giggles in the movies, but she hasn’t fully done it yet. I’m sure it’s right around the corner…after four month shots…

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