4 Months!!

Today marks four months for the minions…I can hardly believe that much time has passed!

Developmentally they are about 2.5 months, and should be rolling over here soon. They are growing so much:

  • Harper: 12 pounds, 11 oz
  • Emerie: 11 pounds, 1 oz
  • Reagan: 12 pounds, 5 oz

We have progressed to actual sleep at night. Usually everyone is asleep in their cribs by about 8:30 or 9:00 and will sleep to about 5am! It is extremely nice getting a solid five hours of sleep each night, all the bottles cleaned and dishes done, and a few minutes of silence in the evening. The early morning feed seems to go pretty quick because the girls are sleepy, and then go right back to bed for a little longer.

Personalities continue to expand.

Reagan remains our smiler, and she’s started to baby talk a lot! She is also the strongest of the three, lifts her head very well, and uses her legs to push her body up. She’s going to be my soccer player!

It is a game to see if she will spit up on us after a feeding, although there is a lot of improvement. We have a sneaking suspicion she is starting to teethe. She is also the early riser, and wakes up a little before her sisters each morning. And of course, wakes up full of smiles.

Harper is a talker, and taught that to her sisters. She is by far the best sleeper; usually the last to wake up in the morning and she sleeps like a rock!

She now enjoys the play mat and can oooh and aaah for half an hour on it. She also enjoys her living room swing and looking out the front windows.

Emerie is our biggest snuggler. She is not a fan of the chariot stroller like her sisters; but would rather be put in the carrier so she can snuggle close. Craig has started calling her fits “beast mode”, as she is the most vocal when she is upset and the most impatient.

She also occasionally sleeps with one eye open to make sure her sisters are in check.

Parents update: Craig is still on reduced work week for two more weeks and that is REALLY helpful on long days by myself. I have a couple more weeks until I go back to work full time and we are looking for an in home nanny.

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