Butterfly Feet

Yesterday we decided to attempt an arts and crafts project with the girls. They weren’t super thrilled at the idea but I think it came out pretty decently! We will definitely give it another try soon, and have a few other body part ideas!

A list of items for this include:

  • A cute baby with baby feet!
  • Acrylic paint (it washes right off): don’t want any permanent purple baby feet!
  • Mini brushes
  • Canvases of any size: I got a few different ones so we could try out a few different things.
  • Newspaper to limit the mess, and a wash cloth to wipe those feet off when the hate rage begins!
  • Two sets of hands is also helpful, one set to coddle the minion and one set to press the foot into the canvas. We had a few alien feet attempts…

They didn’t particularly like the feeling of paint on their toes, but overall were good sports. We did individual butterflies for each of them and a group canvas as well.

Next I want to try a few handprints on a coffee mug. After painting their feet, we gave them each a break to recuperate. It’s surprising how strong they are when they don’t want their painted feet pushed against a canvas! Reagan definitely fought back the most, and Harper and Emerie tolerated it for the most part. I think it will be a great addition to their memory boxes.

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