PIC Assessment

Quick update on the girls since we haven’t posted in a few days.

PIC (Parent Infant Children) came out on Thursday and did an assessment on the girls. They are a non profit program that assesses how babies are developing and if they need any special assistance or therapy to continue to grow and thrive.

The girls were on good behavior for the visit and all cooperated. Reagan went first and passed everything with flying colors, showing the lady how well she can hold up her head and do tummy time.

Harper also did well and both girls are considered in the normal development range for their adjusted age (7 weeks adjusted/14 weeks actual). Harper enjoyed the different things the lady tested her on and was a good sport!

Emerie put up a bit more of a fight, probably because she was in the middle of a bottle, and…because she’s Emerie (lol). Since she’s a bit smaller, she has more to do to catch up. She is also our fussier and more demanding baby in terms of feedings and tummy time, so her assessment showed she is on the cusp of the normal development range. This is typically for the smallest premie and no reason for concern.

Overall everything looks good and there isn’t anything we need to worry about. At their suggestion, we are going to start transitioning from sideline feedings to the normal front feedings, and get them used to that. Hopefully they pick it up pretty quick and we can find a new, efficient propping method for all three.

One thought on “PIC Assessment

  1. I always complaint about all the medical appointments we have but at the same time I find them extremely reassuring. It was particularly the case when we went home with them. Really glad to read they are where they should be!

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