Triple(t)rouble- 3 months!

The girls hit 3 months on Wednesday. It’s been a long week, with the current developmental milestone causing a few long, cranky baby nights. But, while that hasn’t been so much fun, seeing the changes in personality are worth it! A quick update on each kiddo.


  • Harper is up to 11 pounds, 7 oz, and is still in the lead on weight.
  • She has started smiling a lot. When she wakes up in the morning she is all smiles for us. She’s also started baby talking a little, and it’s super cute!
  • She is still our best sleeper, and doesn’t mind the crib compared to the rock and play.
  • I think we’ve finally won her over on the play mat. She doesn’t just cry now when she’s on it, and is starting to chuckle at the colors and music.


  • Emerie is up to 9 pounds, 15 oz! She has grown the most of the three, but is still the smallest (by a bit!)
  • She is also grasping the responsive smile better now, and likes to smile at us, toys, and, of course, the fan.
  • She is definitely the cuddler of the group, and needs snuggles everyday from whoever is around! She also doesn’t mind snuggling up to her sisters.
  • Emerie likes the play mat as long as her sisters are on it with her.
  • I put a headband on her the other morning (none of them are fond of them), and she sneezed so hard it flew off her head about a foot. It was hilarious.


  • Reagan is 11 pounds, 1 oz and really trying to catch up with her sister!
  • She’s still our biggest smiler and been that way since birth.
  • During playtime on Monday, she rolled from her back to her stomach. We were not expecting that (I don’t think she was either), and she wouldn’t do it a second time for the camera.
  • She loves toys and enjoys laying in the crib and looking at them. She’s also an escape artist from her swaddle sacks.
  • So far she has the strongest neck muscles, and can hold her head up really well and loves looking around and out the windows.

All in all, everyone is advancing great, especially on sleep. As I write this, sitting in the dark in the nursery, my Fitbit tells me I slept for 5 straight hours. First time since…ummm…the day before their birth. Feels pretty great.

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