11 Months and the Race is On!

This week marked 11 months actual, 9.5 adjusted. We are now on the countdown to their first birthday!

The race has begun to see who will be our first crawler, walker, and one to pull themselves up!

MOVEMENT: In the past couple of weeks everything is starting to advance at a quick pace. Overnight Harper decided to start rolling, and now goes all over the place. She was the first to pull herself upright onto a play set without assistance. Emerie is miss “rolly polly” and any time you set her down she rolls and scoots everywhere. Reagan does the same and has started backwards crawling. Forward…not quite yet for anyone.

This morning Emerie decided to dive off the changing table in the one second I grabbed Reagan’s bottle. I caught her mid air on the way down that three feet, by her sleep sack. It’s definitely true what they say about moms; we can move with lightning speed when we need to! And at the crack of dawn no less!

They look bald but there is a little hair now!

FOOD: Reagan and Harper have caught up with their sister. Harper does huge baby bird bites, although she still sloshes the food around on her tongue a little. Reagan is a pro at picking food up, and stuffs it down as fast as possible while Harper fidgets with it. Emerie still loves her snack food, but now takes daintier bites than a couple months ago. Reagan is still the cleanest eater; Harper and Emerie love to make a mess and feed the dogs! Everyone holds their bottles like pros…that is, when they want to. Otherwise they swing them around, throw them across the room, do anything but DRINK them.

It appears the favorite food is anything mango flavored and they love puffs and crackers. They do not like peaches or lentil soup, but rice and beans are acceptable.

SLEEP: Sleep habits have changed quite a bit since the last developmental leap (and we just started #6!). Harper took a break from being our best sleeper but is now back to her original habits and sleeping like a pro in her crib. Reagan is the most hyper at night. Sometimes we have to placate her for an extra hour before she is willing to calm down and go to sleep, and then is good for the night (usually). Or we have those random nights where she and I chill overnight in the guest room while Craig has Emerie. Emerie is quite capable of sleeping in her bed, but does not self soothe like the other two and generally wakes up hysterical. She has had many more nights in bed with mom and dad…because, well we’d like to sleep too.

Emerie likes to sleep on her stomach now. Once she settles enough to not be angry, she sleeps great on her belly. Harper is a side sleeper, often ending up with her neck back, looking awkward but happy. Reagan rolls all over the crib at bedtime, but generally ends up on her back. Everyone snuggles with their wubba-nubs.

As I am writing this I hear Reagan chuck her spare binkie out of her crib and it hit the floor. So funny.

PERSONALITIES: The older we get, the more pieces of personality come out. Harper maintains her happy, chill demeanor, at least on days when her protruding teeth aren’t bothering her. She also loves to talk and shriek! Emerie is still the diva, but also has a lot of happy moments and likes to chat with her sisters. Reagan, while being the most reserved of the three, is working on forming new words and loves to say Momma and nom nom nom when eating.

MUSIC: This is definitely a baby shark house. The girls know that song after about two notes. They are still very partial to Disney princess medleys and especially seem to like Jungle Book and Moana songs right now and their Disney Acapella. On the flip side, they all really like the Louis Prima song Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing) and a few other oldies. We do lots of jumping and dance parties to our YouTube video mixes. Craig is doing his best to get them to learn Frozen in multiple languages too.

TOYS: Jumpers, of course, are still favored and everyone likes the foot piano even more than previous months. There is major enthusiasm for the tiny activity table; they wiggle and squeal in excitement if I even go near it. The girls aren’t yet bored of their singing toucan piano, and their activity cube.

BINKIES: Yes, this gets its very own category. Why? Well the girls used to obsess over their ceiling fan…now, at least for Reagan, it is her wubba-nub. She snuggles with it at night and naps, and likes to have one nearby a lot of the time. Harper and Emerie like them too, but not nearly as much.

Harper before nap time

Less than a month until the big month 12. Lots to do before then and it’s right around the corner. Time to get moving!

On the move!

10 Months…Going Bananas!!

The girls hit 10 months this past weekend! Time is passing so quickly to their first birthday; it’ll be here before we realize it and should probably start planning for their (our) party.

We are introducing more table foods to the girls now that we have the fancy triplet table. And it makes it so much easier to wrangle them in!

Everyone is picking food up really quickly and especially like bananas that they can squish and play with…not necessarily eat. They are much happier to have it shoveled into their mouths by Craig or I. They also really like pancakes!

At ten months old, 8.5 adjusted, we are really starting to see some of the big milestones appear. My personal favorite??

Bottle holding. I’ve been waiting MONTHS for this one.

Harper seems to really have it down, but can be lazy about holding it when the bottle is full or if you start to hold it then she “lets” you do it the whole time. Reagan is pretty good at it as well, and likes to swing it around and then correct it back to her mouth. Emerie is great at holding it when starving, but still easily distracted and expects you to pick up the slack!

Everyone is progressing at sitting up. We still use the boppies with all three to minimize the bumps and screaming. Overall, they are all pretty good at it and can turn onto their stomachs, reach for toys, and steal from each other.

Another one? Crawling. It. Is. Coming. My guess is Reagan is going to achieve this one first, followed by Emerie and then Harper. Why? Reagan is already rolling and trying to push herself around. She’s definitely figured out her pushups!

Emerie has the rolling back and forth down, but not quite there on the butt wiggle. Harper, on the other hand, thinks it’s fine to hang out and chill with her toys and not put in any physical activity unless forced to.

The swaddle. We took that battle on at New Years and I am happy to say everyone is out of it for both naps and nighttime! It took four nights and a lot of grumpiness from babies and parents, but we did it!

Harper shifting around in the crib

Harper and Reagan have really mastered self soothing…Emerie…not so much. The past few nights she starts in her crib for a few hours, and then ends up with us after a meltdown. Reagan and Harper are sleeping great overnight!

Reagan is now rolling in her crib ALOT!

Playtime is getting more interesting, not just because the girls can sit up, but because their leg muscles are nearly strong enough to play with things while standing. That is our current strength training, in preparation for crawling.

Reagan at the play table

Emerie loves her jumper

Harper having some piano time

Personalities continue to change:

Harper has a great love for animals already! She loves the pups and kittens, stops what she is doing when they go by and genuinely wants to play with them. She’s the talker still; lots of dadadada and random discussions to herself. She’s very stubborn and doesn’t want to roll or start crawling…she is a great sitter though and really good at taking photos in selfie mode!

Reagan, at the moment, is our music baby and best sleeper. Not only does she love the YouTube singalongs like Trolls, Frozen, and Disney princesses, she also has a new shoulder roll type dance. I haven’t captured it on video yet but it’s soooo cute. She is really close to pronouncing her “m’s” and has said Momma twice this week! I thought I imagined it at first but others heard it too! Yay!

Emerie now cheeses it up for the camera with a huge, teethy grin. It’s adorable and shows off her bottom two teeth. She is saying dadadada and screaming in quite a high tempo now. She fights naps the hardest of the three and hasn’t quite figured out self soothing yet. She still loves to snuggle the most of the three.

We are back to better sleep with all three, with the exception of Emerie in our bed the last few nights. It does make for some pretty cute photos though…

Right before the morning feed at 5:30

I’m excited to start planning their birthday and have their first Valentine’s Day before that. So much to do!

Baby play date

9 Month Babies!

This week is the nine month marker for the girls. It’s incredible how quick this winter is flying by, even with the sleepless nights and busy work days.

The girls are advancing and growing quickly and have changed a lot since their six month checkup. Harper and Reagan weighed almost 14 pounds in September, and Emerie a little over 13.

Here is a quick update on how everyone is doing:

Harper Anne

Weight and Growth Percentile: gained over two pounds and grew an inch! 17 pounds (29%) and 27″ (25%)!

Favorite Things: First of all, Harper loves the YouTube princess videos. She can be full raging and instantly smile and laugh when she hears the first Snow White song. She still loves her jumper and has discovered she is able to pound her feet in her crib, while awake and asleep, much to the dismay of her sisters (and our sleep).

Likes: Harper loves the blanket game and playing with toys during floor time. She shares pretty well with her sisters and twin friends!  She is also an avid animal watcher and enjoys watching the dogs or cats anytime they are nearby. She also thinks sloppy dog kisses are so hilarious.

Dislikes: She is not the biggest fan of baby food most days and generally prefers her bottle. She is also not a fan of teething or tummy time…other than that, she is still our chillest baby most of the time. Like her Grandma Anne, she also seems to run a little cooler than her sisters and often has cold hands and feet.

Personality Traits: She is such a sweet baby, loves cuddles and talking (or growling) to you. She is a little shier than Emerie but will still let people hold and play with her that aren’t Mom and Dad.Development: While we try to encourage it, Harper has decided rolling over is not something she is interested in learning STILL. She has done it twice. She is great at sit time and can hold herself up pretty well and reaches for toys in all directions. Harper does like to chat and is now saying “dadadadada;” that, or she’s growling at you.

Emerie Faye

Weight and Growth Percentile: Em jumped from the 5th weight percentile to the 8th in about 2 months according to her last doctor visit. This time she weighed in at 15 pounds 6 oz (8%) and 26.5″ (11%). She is tiny but working on catching up!

Favorite Things: Emerie enjoys the princess videos, but I would say her favorite thing is FOOD…all types, any types. She has about mastered the spoon feeding and prefers to lick off the spoon at the end of the feeding (or steal it from you and refuse to give it back). She also enjoys her jumper and reaches for the sky!

Likes: Emerie likes the blanket game, play time, and any snuggles she can get. She likes to chew on everything, especially the frozen teethers and loves food if any kind.

Dislikes: I think she is our most impatient baby, when it comes to baby food, tv commercials, or having to wait for anything.  Teething is definitely not something she signed up for and keeps her pretty cranky.

Personality Traits: Emerie is our biggest cuddler. She loves attention from anyone, even if that is the dog licking extra food off her face! She also screams the loudest when she is mad.

Development: Em loves her toes and constantly pulls off those pesky socks covering them. She is greatly improving on sitting up, and her head shape has improved dramatically from her six month update. She enjoys yelling “dadadadadada” constantly and in numerous octives.Reagan Jean

Weight and Growth Percentile: gained over two pounds and grew 2.75″ since her last checkup! (16 pounds, 15 oz (28%) and 27.5″ (44%)

Favorite Things: Previously our little girl did not like spending time in the jumper, and refused to even try to jump.  All that has changed! She loves jumping now and also enjoys the new activity piano that plays music and lights up. She is also a fan of the princess videos.

Likes: Toys. Reagan is definitely the toy hoarder. She tries to gather all toys near her into her lap; it does not matter if Harper or Emerie are chewing on said toys, they will be hers… She especially likes toys that sing and light up, and her singing toucan! Reagan also took to the frozen teethers the fastest. Lastly, she has a happy shriek sound that is the sweetest thing!

Dislikes: She still dislikes abrupt, loud noises, but who doesn’t? Sometimes she also gets overstimulated and needs a break from the noise and even cuddles. She usually works it out herself and then is back to being happy Reagan. Both visits to Santa have resulted in a blank stare, no smiles, so she might just dislike the big red guy.

Personality Traits: Reagan is still the shiest of the group; although I think she is getting a bit more outgoing now that the jumper isn’t so scary. She still startles a little but has greatly improved on that the past few months. She is our daintiest eater, and general remains pretty clean for baby food feedings.Development: Sometimes she decides she can hold her own bottle, just to show me briefly that she can! She is definitely the strongest of the three and will wiggle around to grab something near her. She just started making sounds that are soon to be words and has started with the “dadada” as well.

All three girls reach out for Mom and Dad now as well as for their bottles. We still receive big smiles in the morning, although lately those come from the rock-and-plays instead of the cribs!

They enjoy book time – by that I mean chewing on a book while we try to read it. And no, we can’t just have one book out; there MUST be three so everyone has something to play with.


The parents are hanging in there. In the past two months, we’ve had three babies with a cold, six baby teeth grow, many minimal sleep nights, and lots of busy days.

But in addition to the hardships, we’ve also had great developmental improvement, Santa visits, family visits, hair growth (yay!), and generally happy, healthy babies.

My last pumping goal was to make it to the nine month mark, and so far so good! Now shooting for my one year goal.

Get ready for some ridiculously cute Christmas photos (once I finish going through them all!), because they aren’t too far away. Who doesn’t like a baby in a candy cane Christmas dress?!

Post Santa photo at Cabellas

The Big 7!

As I start writing this, Reagan is sweetly looking at me from her swing while her sisters obediently nap up in their cribs.

We made it to seven months!

Leg warmers for the win!

The past month is full of small developmental milestones. We survived leap four and are now onto leap five, which is basically about relationships and space. They can now tell when we walk away from them (super fun…) or when something is in their personal space (like a sister). Binkie use is progressing nicely and they hold them and chew on them, although not quite correctly. Emerie constantly takes hers out of her mouth and then screams, like “who did that!?”. We are still working on that one…

Everyone has figured out their feet exist, although I think Emerie likes to play with hers the most. She is also teething like crazy with a tooth peeking on the bottom right.

Teething is tough

Sleep sacks are still needed at night. Reagan still startles the worst of the three but is slowly improving. The next step is to try these adorable sleep suits that look more like the Big Hero 6 marshmallow guy than a sleeping bag.

A yellow Baymax

Harper and Emerie have tried to few naps with it and so far so good.

Harper smiles

Emerie rocking her sleep suit

Not surprisingly, we are already entering the age of the princesses. In fact, YouTube has some great Disney princess compilations that the girls love to jump to. They are picky though and don’t like all of them. I guess they already have standards lol. Craig is singing along to them now, and I’m relearning many of the songs I used to know as a kid.

Reagan giggles and talks to them and it’s so cute; all the while standing (not jumping) in her jumper. She looooves Snow White but it could be that she has brighter colors than the others.

Everyone now really smiles back when you smile at them, or even if you just make a happy face, they respond and I love it!! Our photo ops are still working at well for the moment.

And the fingernails! Looking in the mirror this morning, I noticed I have a nice scratch on the side of my face from one of them. Not sure who but it’s definitely from a tiny fingertip. They grow so fast!

Speaking of growing fast, the girls are getting bigger! Harper and Reagan are currently .4 of an OZ apart, with Harper in the lead at 15# 14 oz. Emerie is catching up at 14# 3 oz. 6-9 months clothes are washed and organized and starting to be used.

And lastly, Mother Nature did smile at us once this week. It was windy enough that all the leaves in our front yard blew across the street so we don’t have to rake them. Pretty sweet.

“Jump” into the World of Events

The girls are getting big! We’ve been in the fourth developmental leap (called the “world of events”) a little over two weeks now, and while there is a decent amount of crankiness and snuggle demanding, they are advancing quite significantly mentally. We decided to test out the johnny jump ups and see what the girls think now that their necks are all stronger. All three thought it was super exciting, although a little too stimulating after a couple of minutes.

Harper and Reagan both touch the ground pretty easily. They don’t have the jumping down quite yet but they wiggle and are starting to bounce. Emerie thinks all the colors are super cool, but looks so tiny in it.

Emerie testing out the jumper while in adorable leg warmers.

We haven’t even turned on the music or the blinking lights and activities yet; it’ll be too much to handle at the moment. So they at content in their five minutes of wiggle time and then ready to switch out and snuggle.

Reagan checkin’ things out.

I took the girls to Double Cuddles this week and they were happy the whole ride over AND napped on the way home. Crazzzzy. Also had lots of playtime with their friends while us moms chatted.

As I’ve said a number of times, it is fun to see their advancements. The “world of events” development leap focuses on babies learning to perceive smooth transitions instead of separated, multiple transitions stacked on one another. For example, moving a baby toy would be seen as separate transitions each time your hand shifts; this leap teaches that a toy can move or shake and it is more fluid, they start to understand it’s the same toy moving and that they can reach out for it. They are also learning to successfully grab something and move it around without immediately dropping it. They especially like their banana teethers.

Starting to hold toys!

Reagan is really figuring out her hands. If I hold a toy up for her in front of her hands, she will grasp it and put it in her mouth.  Such progress!  Harper is starting to respond the same, and has figured out thumb chewing. Emerie won’t quite grab toys yet when I hold them out, but I did watch her reach over and forcibly pull a binky from Harper’s mouth and throw it across the pack and play…so there’s that…

Because why not wear leg warmers…

The next step should be feet awareness, and we’re trying to get them to start it!  I’ve stretched their feet to their faces and clap them together to make noise, but to no avail. Hopefully by the end of this leap they will have figured them out.

5 Month Update!

Well it’s true…somehow we are already at five months with the girls. I can hardly believe time has passed so quickly (mostly) and that we are almost to half a year since their birth!

The girls may look the same to the eye, but they are all very different personality wise.  It is fun to see their traits and attributes come out on a day to day basis, and that reminds you they are three, separate individuals; three that just happen to come in the same package.

Here are a few things we have noticed for each of them.


Main Nickname: Hay Hay

Weight: 13 pounds, 16 oz.

Color: any form of pink

Likes: Harper is a big fan of sleep; in fact, she is by far our best sleeper. In general, she is the first to fall asleep at bedtime and the last to wake up in the morning. She also likes holding onto toys, chewing on them, and telling us all about it.

Dislikes: her carseat

Development/Traits: She just learned she can lay in her crib and pound her legs on the mattress. She is also very close to understanding that her hands and arms are part of her body and under her control, as she’s been looking at them with new eyes the past week.  I can’t wait until she discovers her feet! Harper is also stubborn and believes rolling is not something she needs to learn or try to learn. Instead, she’d rather spend tummy time crying or scooting forward on her stomach. She is also starting to scoot on her back and can move surprisingly quick when she wants to! Either way, she has no interest in trying to roll over.  Harper also plays this game with herself, on whether or not she can actually fit her entire hand in her mouth.  It’s pretty cute.


Main Nickname: Emsie, Em, Emmie

Weight: 12 pounds, 3 oz.

Color: purple, and sometimes yellow

Likes: Emerie is still our snuggler, she likes to be cuddled and doesn’t mind being squished between her sisters.  She also likes her penguin pacifier, and being carried in the carrier on walks.

Dislikes: Being by herself, or being set down when there are able bodies nearby to hold her. Level of arms escaping her sleep sack: expert. She doesn’t like her hands being held down.

Development/Traits: Because Emerie is our littlest, she seems to be a few days behind her sisters on developmental milestones.  The past week she has been on wonderful behavior and likely about to start the next leap.  She rolled over last week for the first time, from stomach to back, but in general is not a fan of tummy time.

She’s also figured out giggling and doesn’t hiccup quite as much after now. She has also become quite the talker, i.e. there is a lot of shrieking everyday. She thinks it’s very fun to be loud.


Main Nickname: Ray Ray

Weight: 13 pounds, 13 oz.

Color: teal, light green, baby blue

Likes: Reagan really likes her toys, especially the fox spiral one- she chews on the crinkly tail! She also loves one of the owl clips that has beads in it.  Personality wise she loves to smile for pictures and laugh, and enjoys bath time.

Dislikes: She doesn’t like to be squished between her sisters and likes her own space. She is not a fan of sleeping in and is usual the first one up for the day and often the last to fall asleep.

Development/Traits: Reagan is definitely ticklish.  We get more laughs out of her when she’s getting dressed or changed than any other time.  She was the first one to roll over a few months back, and now has done it a number of times. When she doesn’t want to go to bed at night, she tries to roll over in her crib; although I’ve only caught her one time on her stomach. I have a feeling she will be our first crawler, as she is starting to seem like she wants to move more.  She has also figured out how to hold toys in her mouth so she can chew on them.

Parent Update

While the past five months have been very busy with infrequent times to relax and adjust to a new lifestyle, we are feeling pretty good.  Now that both of us are back to working full time, daily schedules are very important to keep everything with the girls running smoothly. While the day starts at 4:30 AM for me and 5:30 AM for Craig, I don’t find myself as tired as I thought I’d be, but it is probably because we are almost always moving and doing several tasks at the same time. Once the girls are down for the night, we tiptoe around the house like the world might end if we make noise.

We go on a lot of evening walks before bedtime, both because now the girls seem more interested in looking around outside, and because it’s nice to get out of the house for half an hour while babies are entertained. They still very much dislike tummy time, but are all getting much stronger- we can’t wait to use the hiking backpacks!

About a month ago we pulled the girls completely off formula and that seems to lessen their crankiness after a feed.  For the moment I am producing about even with them, but as soon as the next growth spurt starts, I think they will be ahead of me.  Luckily solids are right around the corner, and soon they will get to test baby food.

We appreciate everyone’s love and support for the girls and our family, and are excited to see what the next month brings!