Going to the Derm…

We took Emerie to her first solo doctor appointment in early October. First off, I want to note it was a whole different ballgame to have two parents and only one baby at an appointment, and no shots! It was eerily calm and quiet and far less stressful than normal.

In the waiting room, looking at the art!

Anyway, at the six month checkup for the girls, we asked the doctor about two lumps on Emerie, one on her back and one under her armpit. They don’t bother her when I poke and prod, but they are definitely worth checking out, especially due to my medical history. I think my heart briefly dove into my throat as the doctor was examining her, because, of course, your mind always jumps to the worst conclusions possible, and it’s definitely a different fear when it is your kid as opposed to yourself. The pediatrician didn’t seem to think it was something big (or bad), but likely a vascular issue that we would just monitor going forward.

Emerie was so well behaved during the ultrasound and didn’t fuss at all (the ride home was a different story!). The tech was wonderful and mildly shocked when we told her Emerie was one of three.

It took several days before we received the ultrasound results, with our pediatrician suggesting we go to a pediatric dermatologist.

Later in the month we went to the dermatologist, after receiving the ultrasound results that state there isn’t likely reason for concern, but better to be safe for sure! The dermatologist looked at Emerie’s back and arm and proceeded to tell us the spots are another form of hemangioma, like the one on her head and Harper’s back, and that it was likely there since birth but only visible after some time as it rose closer to the surface of her skin.

One funny thing, the doctor noted that it is more common for babies to have hemangiomas if they are girls, part of a multiple set, AND identical…so we hit the “trifecta” (haha) on that. We will have to wait and see if anything pops up on Reagan, and Harper already has her one on her lower back.

Prayers definitely answered that things are not concerning. We will keep monitoring the spots and likely go back for a checkup at a year of age. The hemangiomas will continue to grow until then, and afterwards should start shrinking back down until they are gone. This includes the one on her forehead…which means at some point people won’t be able to use that to determine who is who!

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