Halloween: Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of the Halloween photo op. Dressing everyone up was fun!

Little kittens

I have taken a lot of triple photos over the past seven months, but what you don’t see are the epic battles that get us to that one, cute photo that has all three still and smiling at the same time.

Photo op improvising

For the girl’s first Halloween we dressed them as little deer, complete with headbands, frills, and pumpkins.  They were far more interested in chewing on their dresses or kicking the pumpkins than anything else, but we made it work. Surprisingly they didn’t mind the headbands on their heads.

Definitely had some giggles as well. Overall they were good sports. In the evening we put them in warmer cat suits I originally bought for this holiday, and they didn’t mind them at all. In fact, the little hoodies and tails fit perfectly.

First Halloween as kittens

Now we just have to convince our neighborhood not to ring our doorbell tonight, as trick or treating is definitely past the girls bedtime.

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