Food Fun and Restaurants

At about seven months of age, food brings lots of entertainment for all. We are still introducing it, and it doesn’t count as actual feedings yet since they are younger developmentally, but it’s rather fun to try.

Several times Harper has decided I am inadequately feeding her and stole the spoon to do it herself. Emerie has also tried that and licked it dry.

Their reactions to new flavors are pretty cute too. This is Harper discovering corn and green beans, which she doesn’t seem to like, but you can decide that for yourself!

Emerie is by far the best at maneuvering the spoon and actually attaining food into her belly. She’s like a baby bird, mouth open, leaning forward, squealing for more between each bite.

Reagan still tolerates the feedings but doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the concept yet. She would much rather chew on the teethers than on food, but does like bananas for the most part.

We are still propping at meal time quite often; in fact, the girls eat far better in a quiet, less exciting atmosphere such as their bedroom.  They are starting to outgrow the arm chair length wise, but for the moment it is still doable.  Whoever ends up in the middle usually has to share some of their space.

Bottle propping at mealtime

One usual ends up kicking the other or pushing their back with a foot, something I might as well get used to now!

We tried butternut squash tonight in honor of Halloween Eve and Emerie LOVED it, Harper and Reagan tolerated as usual. We tried on a costume for tomorrow as well šŸ™‚

This past weekend we had a great visit from Craig’s brother Chris and his Dad. Chris hadn’t met the babies yet and they are pretty much obsessed with him.

Food success. We even got to eat!

We attempted going out to eat (twice!) with everyone in tow, and it went surprisingly well. The server at Olive Garden could not quite comprehend that we had three infants, let alone that we left the house with them and attempted to eat a meal.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at one of our favorite spots in south side Anchorage, after being told by the owner of the family owned business a few weeks prior that we should definitely bring the babies in!!

It went well and everyone behaved. It was nice to sit at a restaurant with visiting family and sip on some coffee, all while watching the first snow of the season fall. Emerie hung out with Uncle Chris for the entire meal while Harper sat with me and Papa Cliff and Reagan with Dad.

The girls enjoyed the attention for sure. We look forward to more successful meals out, but recognize we probably got lucky this weekend with such good behavior; that or just timed everything really well. Here’s to more opportunities for food!

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