A New Meaning to Nighttime Adventures

Kalli and Reagan

It’s one thing to consistently wake up at night by a shrieking or fidgety baby, it’s something else to wake up to a crazy racket happening downstairs at two AM.

First thought- that might wake the babies!

Second thought, the dog and the cat are trying to kill each other…I better go check!

I went downstairs, and there are bags and recycling stuff all over the dining room, and a very offended dog (Kalli, our greyhound) making a bunch of noise and running back and forth.

It turns out that since it was stormy and windy out, one of the wandering neighbor cats noticed our doggie door and decided to come inside. Our “guard dog” did not take it well, but couldn’t actually get it back outside.

Craig helped me hold the dog back so I could scoot our little visitor back outside, which it happily did.

But seriously, first I have a live mouse visitor thanks to my cat, and now another animal comes in!

And none of this includes actually getting up FOR THE BABIES! Which we do….a lot.

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