Bare, Hair, or Barely There?

One of the bigger surprises (other than 3!!) for me was the fact that everyone was born with some hair on their heads. Granted, not a lot, but not bald either.

We learned at one of the last belly NSTs in week 31 or 32 that Baby A (Harper) had hair that was visible through the ultrasound.

Now that we are about 30 weeks out of the womb, we’ve been watching the girls’ hair start to grow in more places than on their birth day. They still have a solid bald spot in the middle of the back of their heads, but other than that it’s starting to grow!

Reagan’s hair coming in.

Emerie had a bald spot over her right ear for a couple months. We thought it was due to a birthmark, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case now and hair is starting to grow in the same spot.

Everyone has a “five o’clock shadow” and I think by Christmas we will see a lot more!

Oh and the color!

I was positive during pregnancy that everyone would be born bald and eventually grow into little toe headed blondes. That doesn’t seem to be the case; in fact, we are certainly going to have redheads of some kind! In the sun, the girls hair definitely shines reddish, not blonde.

I am so very excited to see the color!!

Craig still sporting the hair…the girls are working on catching up…

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