The Big 7!

Leg warmers for the win!

As I start writing this, Reagan is sweetly looking at me from her swing while her sisters obediently nap up in their cribs.

We made it to seven months!

Teething is tough

The past month is full of small developmental milestones. We survived leap four and are now onto leap five, which is basically about relationships and space. They can now tell when we walk away from them (super fun…) or when something is in their personal space (like a sister). Binkie use is progressing nicely and they hold them and chew on them, although not quite correctly. Emerie constantly takes hers out of her mouth and then screams, like “who did that!?”. We are still working on that one…

Everyone has figured out their feet exist, although I think Emerie likes to play with hers the most. She is also teething like crazy with a tooth peeking on the bottom right.

A yellow Baymax

Sleep sacks are still needed at night. Reagan still startles the worst of the three but is slowly improving. The next step is to try these adorable sleep suits that look more like the Big Hero 6 marshmallow guy than a sleeping bag.

Harper and Emerie have tried a few naps with it and so far so good.

Harper smiles

Not surprisingly, we are already entering the age of the princesses. In fact, YouTube has some great Disney princess compilations that the girls love to jump to. They are picky though and don’t like all of them. I guess they already have standards lol. Craig is singing along to them now, and I’m relearning many of the songs I used to know as a kid.

Reagan giggles and talks to them and it’s so cute; all the while standing (not jumping) in her jumper. She looooves Snow White but it could be that she has brighter colors than the others.

Everyone now really smiles back when you smile at them, or even if you just make a happy face, they respond and I love it!! Our photo ops are still working at well for the moment.

And the fingernails! Looking in the mirror this morning, I noticed I have a nice scratch on the side of my face from one of them. Not sure who but it’s definitely from a tiny fingertip. They grow so fast!

Speaking of growing fast, the girls are getting bigger! Harper and Reagan are currently .4 of an OZ apart, with Harper in the lead at 15# 14 oz. Emerie is catching up at 14# 3 oz. 6-9 months clothes are washed and organized and starting to be used.

And lastly, Mother Nature did smile at us once this week. It was windy enough that all the leaves in our front yard blew across the street so we don’t have to rake them. Pretty sweet.

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