Jumper Cable

Some people have cable television. Some people have digital. Some people have Netflix and Hulu (like us), or YouTube. Well, we also have something called “Jumper Cable”.

What is that, you ask?? Well, it is hosted by Harper and Emerie…not so much by Reagan, and goes something like this.

Sometimes you just need Jumper Cable with a little Disney princess music
Harper smiles

Who needs real TV when you have this action in front of you? Especially when they are happy and jumping.

Harper is our dancer for Jumper Cable. She sways and smiles and goes foot to foot. She gets the dancing side from Craig and the swaying from me. Hopefully everyone gets the rhythm from Dad.

Emerie smiles

Emerie is the aerobics instructor. She does more of a lift off to space type jump, and it’s full body. This generally occurs while she’s shrieking or telling you how to practice your aerobics.

Reagan smiles

Reagan is more of the talk show host than anything active. She more or less stands very still (feet on the ground) and plays with the toys on the jumper, commentating most of it and making the toys make sound. She certainly will NOT have any part in jumping. Same idea as Harper having NO part in even the concept of rolling over.

But really, who could dislike jumper cable. It’s so darn adorable. Not quiet or relaxing, but adorable.

I could sit here all day and watch them play.

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