First Annual Baby Reunion

Matchy matchy outfits

Every October the NICU at the hospital puts on a reunion to see all the kiddos that started out life needing a little help and now are growing and thriving after being given the opportunity to!

We ventured over to the event today, through the very rainy day we were having. It finally looks crummy and cold out and more like the Alaska fall weather we are used to. That being said, we broke out the long sleeves and booties so the girls stayed warm.

The event was really cute and we saw some of our original nurses and doctors. Emerie had some snuggle time with our favorite doctor (Mary Alice) and we had the chance to catch up with a few folks.

A professional photographer took photos of all the kiddos and I’m really excited to see how those turn out. The girls did great and were in good moods and we even fed them while we were there and they did fine with the noise and activity.

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