Let the teething begin

And so, just like that, we survived our first night of teething with only ONE baby so far.

This weekend had some of the usual baby crankiness, with Sunday being a little more dramatic than normal but nothing we haven’t survived before. We attempted to go grocery shopping the entire day and never actually left the house.

This is what teething looks like!

Everyone had a decent mid afternoon nap, with Emerie down for 1.5 hours to tie her all time longest, but the late afternoon nap was an epic battle that ended with Reagan napping in her crib, Harper hanging out with Mom and Emerie screaming her lungs out while Craig coaxed her angrily to sleep.

We did, however, discover they like watching Disney princess sing alongs while bouncing in their bouncers (well not Reagan but she likes the videos). Harper and Emerie made it 45 minutes! Reagan giggled at the music and enjoyed the colors.

We learned why yesterday was so cranky…while Emerie was hollering this afternoon I discovered the first tooth that is starting to cut in. Calm down, I did not get a picture…I could barely get a peep at it without her trying to kill me. But it’s definitely there, on the bottom, in all it’s first tooth glory. She is not taking it well. Lots of random screaming and she still takes the binkie out of her mouth but can’t quite coax it back in…

No this is happy Emerie, not teething Emerie.

She has also decided this life event is detrimental enough to stop sleeping, at least for last night. After an unplanned ten PM feed for 3 screaming infants, I’m pretty sure I was up every 30-45 minutes until I finally just got up at 4:15. Here’s to tonight going better…

No teeth yet for Harper but she’s drooly!

Reagan is chewing everything but no teeth yet!

One thought on “Let the teething begin

  1. Arm yourself with patience! our identical two had 6 teeth show up at once and they didn’t feel a thing! (or at least didn’t complain) and our poor singleton took months to get a single bottom tooth out and cried and moaned like crazy every time. She moaned constantly in her sleep, we had to get up every hour or so to put some teething gel on her. I guess we were lucky it was only one suffering it :/


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