NOT a Minivan!

We’ve been blessed to be able to borrow Craig’s dad’s truck for the summer while he is out in Western Alaska doing construction work.

All summer we’ve been reviewing what vehicles can handle three seats across (that aren’t a minivan), and ones that have four wheel drive or good winter traction. After a lot of research by Craig, we found a Ford Expedition that has three rows, can seat up to 8, has middle row captain chairs, AND fits the car seats 3 across in either back row, WITH the stroller!

Big stress off our shoulders now. Purchased it yesterday and might take it out joyriding today (how cool are we!?). Even have some new custom plates on the way, and I finally got around to updating my terrible drivers license photo while we did the rest of the car paperwork. Priorities right…

Since I’m sure everyone wants to know about the exciting part of our blog, let’s get back to the Douglets! Nothing too crazy the past week. Everyone is close to figuring out their hands exist and they are starting to play with toys more and be more observational.

Reagan playing with her favorite owl.

Play mat time is more fun and the girls are much more interested in reaching for things. They discovered rattles are fun to hold, shake, and bash into their faces.

Harper and her foxtail.

Emerie enjoying the play mat.

Reagan figured out today she could chew on Emerie’s toes.

Breakfast of champions…

We implemented the “diaper test” in our house this past week. The test consists of stripping the girls down to their diapers (which they love) and swapping them around, then seeing if the other person can figure out who is who. So far we’ve been doing pretty well and guessed correctly every time. I can’t really tell you how I know who is who, but I can.

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