“Jump” into the World of Events

The girls are getting big! We’ve been in the fourth developmental leap (called the “world of events”) a little over two weeks now, and while there is a decent amount of crankiness and snuggle demanding, they are advancing quite significantly mentally. We decided to test out the johnny jump ups and see what the girls think now that their necks are all stronger. All three thought it was super exciting, although a little too stimulating after a couple of minutes.

Harper and Reagan both touch the ground pretty easily. They don’t have the jumping down quite yet but they wiggle and are starting to bounce. Emerie thinks all the colors are super cool, but looks so tiny in it.

Emerie testing out the jumper while in adorable leg warmers.

This video doesn’t exist
We haven’t even turned on the music or the blinking lights and activities yet; it’ll be too much to handle at the moment. So they at content in their five minutes of wiggle time and then ready to switch out and snuggle.

Reagan checkin’ things out.

I took the girls to Double Cuddles this week and they were happy the whole ride over AND napped on the way home. Crazzzzy. Also had lots of playtime with their friends while us moms chatted.

As I’ve said a number of times, it is fun to see their advancements. The “world of events” development leap focuses on babies learning to perceive smooth transitions instead of separated, multiple transitions stacked on one another. For example, moving a baby toy would be seen as separate transitions each time your hand shifts; this leap teaches that a toy can move or shake and it is more fluid, they start to understand it’s the same toy moving and that they can reach out for it. They are also learning to successfully grab something and move it around without immediately dropping it. They especially like their banana teethers.

Starting to hold toys!

Reagan is really figuring out her hands. If I hold a toy up for her in front of her hands, she will grasp it and put it in her mouth.  Such progress!  Harper is starting to respond the same, and has figured out thumb chewing. Emerie won’t quite grab toys yet when I hold them out, but I did watch her reach over and forcibly pull a binky from Harper’s mouth and throw it across the pack and play…so there’s that…

Because why not wear leg warmers…

The next step should be feet awareness, and we’re trying to get them to start it!  I’ve stretched their feet to their faces and clap them together to make noise, but to no avail. Hopefully by the end of this leap they will have figured them out.

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