Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

Fun story for the week.

There has been lots of discussion in our household in the past week regarding the girls new identical status. Craig and I note that the bigger the girls get, the more alike they become, especially Harper and Reagan.

When I returned home from work on Monday, our wonderful nanny Chris commented that, to my surprise, Harper had been working on rolling over all day long.  Both Reagan and Emerie have already rolled, but Harper only seems interested in scooting along on her stomach, not in rolling over.  After noting this observation, I took a closer look at Harper to see if it really was Harper (in pink).  Well, that convinced us to check if it really was Harper or if Reagan had unknowingly been Harper all day…which do you think it was?


Well…looking at this picture I took that day, I can tell which is which, but I can’t explain why, I just know (this is not always the case!). And you guessed it…they were switched!


Harper discovered what it was like to wear teal for the day (with an awesome “living on the hedge” shirt!) and Reagan was able to be a little girlier than usual in pink.  It made for a great laugh.  It started because we switched Harper and Reagan’s cribs the previous night because Reagan moves around the most and needed to be on the softer mattress to hinder that a bit.  We didn’t actually tell Chris we moved them, so that’s our bad.  But it was a nice unplanned test to see how similar they look.

Here is a picture of them in their correct colors at Double Cuddles playtime this week. I still say they look pretty darn similar!


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