First day of the rest of my (working) life…

This weekend we took the girls out to a festival, and it was hot (for us wussy Alaskans) and muggy but they didn’t seem to mind. Emerie was still mean mugging us with Kaden’s sunglasses the whole time.

Sunday was a chill day, knowing full well that it would be a busy week with work starting back up for me and full time again for Craig,

Yesterday was my first day back to the office. I jumped right in to full time days, as opposed to the original plan to do partial days to ease back in. It actually went better than I expected.

4:30 AM came bright and early, and after pumping, getting ready, and feeding the girls, I left for work. The whole summer we’ve fed them at five or six AM and gone back to bed for two more hours…but no longer!

There is so much to catch up on, and a lot of grant deadlines to complete this month. I’m happy it’s going to be busy because that will keep me awake! Everyone is very supportive of my new life adventure.

I swear I didn’t pester the nanny the entire day and she volunteered a few pictures of the girls as they woke up. It’s definitely hard to miss the morning; the girls are always so happy and smiley when you pick them up from their cribs and want to cuddle with you. It appears they are going to be morning kids, like Craig.

And we had plenty of snuggles and some play time after work!

3 thoughts on “First day of the rest of my (working) life…

  1. Congratulations! You’ve reached an important milestone in slowly recovering a bit of brain activity 🙂 I slept with my head on my desk at lunchtime for the first three months lol Now I don’t need that anymore but I SO enjoy the silence the first hour when there is just no phone calls and no crying/screaming/talking babies.


  2. Oh and I also did full time and always say that real work starts when I go home 🙂


    • I agree! Work may be super busy, but it feels like a vacation compared to being home alone with three newborns!


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