4am Escapades

Can you guess what we were doing at 4:30 this morning? Feeding babies? Well that is half right.

Have I mentioned before that we have two cats? Rafi and Rory, who both absolutely love the babies. They like to snuggle in between them during feeds, and snuggle next to them when we are holding them. We are still working on the don’t walk on the babies concept.

Well, this morning was a new “show of love” for the girls. I was up for the morning feed, turned around and Rafi is on the floor asking for attention…to display… his captured baby mouse. To my knowledge, he’s never caught a mouse before. Rory brought me “gifts” throughout my pregnancy but they weren’t alive!

Was it still alive? Yes.

Did it run once I realized it was alive? Yes.

Did I go get Craig to catch it? Yes.

Did he?! No lol.

I can’t make this stuff up folks. Craig and I tried to find this little guy but he eluded us. Needless to say, I finished the feeding with a hidden visitor somewhere in the room, put the girls in the cribs, and went to bed. Oh and I put socks on, in case he ran across my feet (he didn’t think goodness).

We did find him this morning, hiding in some pillows on the floor. I captured him and put him back outside, because face it, I’m a big softy (apparently) and couldn’t even hurt a baby mouse.

But we all survived…including the mouse.

update! Rafi is so close to holding Harper’s bottle….if only I could teach him that…

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