Baby Ghost Whispers

Ever have that moment where you insist you hear something that isn’t there? I’ve had that a lot for the past day or so and it’s a weird feeling.

Craig and I took a belated anniversary weekend to Alyeska, to relax and get out of town for a bit. All last night my brain was still on baby mode, and I could swear I heard Emerie screaming (specifically Em, not the other two for some reason). Needless to say, she doesn’t scream so loud that I can hear her 30 miles away.

It has been a gorgeous weekend in Girdwood, a little too hot if you ask me. I prefer anything under 80 degrees, not above! I’m glad our original plan to bring the babies down to the annual Girdwood Forest Fair didn’t happen. It is much too hot and packed with people, many more than last year.

Grandma Sue is spending the weekend with the girls, and from what I can tell, they are behaving! Today she dressed them all alike in their cute, matching summer rompers.

This trip has been much needed for a little relaxation and sleep, and eating meals while they are still hot. But, I miss my babies, and am ready to see them in the morning for some cuddles.

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