Developmental Update!

The past week was full of watching the girls learn about the world. Play time is now fun, and they like to hang out on a blanket on the floor in the living room and just look around. Everyone has improved on sitting in their rockers/swings and just looking at the world.

We’ve also discovered there is entertainment in random thing beyond baby toys…such as cat toys. They very much like anything that resembles a self-made fan.

While the world is now more interesting, apparently tummy time…not so much. Reagan is still the strongest, and now uses her legs to push herself up; Harper is back to hating tummy time but doing well in general with holding up her head and doing push-ups on us; and Emerie prefers to lay there on the mat and refuse to participate entirely.

It blows my mind they are 17 weeks old! Time sure is passing quickly. We haven’t hit the giggle stage yet, but are definitely seeing lots of smiles at us, toys, and anything brightly colored. I also get a nice smile in the morning from everyone.

But not everything has been sunshine and roses the past week. The last few nights bedtime has been a long battle, with the evening feed taking foreverrrrr. When I started writing this, Craig was feeding Reagan more because she kept fussing and we just convinced Emerie to sleep! Harper, my rock sleeper, was already out.

They’ve also started shifting in their sleep. It’s impressive to me, considering they are still bound in the Halo sleep sacks.

By morning they are almost always touching each other somehow, and turned; or they’ve figured out how to free an arm or two. Rolling is coming!

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