Snotfest & WALKING!!

While we continue through the current snotfest, the girls are quickly picking up new skills and traits. I would say the parents are as well…I’ve accepted the fact that I am constantly covered in snot and used as a human tissue (I should add that to my resume lol. I’m pretty I just wipe the snot on my pants and shirts now instead of getting up to grab another tissue every time a tiny tot’s nose drips.

A couple nights ago everyone slept ALL NIGHT in their cribs…for the first time in 2019!! In fact, I didn’t wake up once the whole night to a shriek or a cry and it was oddly refreshing.

Sadly, that success only lasted one night. We had three grumpy babies by 11:30 PM the next night, with Emerie ending up with Craig, Harper with me, and Reagan eventually settled down in her crib and went back to sleep, after quite a fight!

What I’ve found is lack of sleep is relatively survivable, as long as the first 2-3 hours in the night result in straight, uninterrupted sleep.  Last night was one of those nights, where I slept solidly from about 9 PM to 11:30, and probably back to sleep with Miss Harper by about 1:30, and then getting up at the typical 4:30 AM wake up time. That first chunk of sleep really helps me stay awake for the day!

As we continue in the second week of the cold, the girls are off and on grumpy snot factories. Their most hated thing in life right now is the tissue, or anything that might go near those little noses. For the most part I believe we are out of the previous teething rage, so moods are improved from that. Everyone has four top teeth through the gums, and are much less slobbery. You will notice that the girls aren’t wearing their amber necklaces in pictures now; not because teething lulled a bit, but because they try to rip them off each other (not themselves tho) and cause a great deal of angst with each other. We may not be using them anymore, at least until they understand not to pull on them.

I hope you are enjoying the lovely photo of Reagan, proudly displaying her snotty nose before I brought the rage to wipe it off…

I realized this weekend that I passed the 13 month milestone without posting anything! Now that we are over a year, I’m not sure people still do monthly photos. But for your enjoyment, here is a nice photo of the girls in their matching Minnie Mouse pjs.

A few new cute things for you…such as Reagan dancing to a video. She is definitely the dancer of the group so far!

One of my coworkers gave me a play “puppy walker” and we tried it out with the girls earlier this week during Emerie’s therapy session. As predicted, the only one that figured out how to walk with it (figured it out a little too well) was Harper, who discovered how fun it was to push forward while she walked! Reagan and Emerie were more than happy to sit on it while we pushed it forward, but not walk behind it.  Not sure I am quite ready for walkers yet…a few more months of crawling works for me!

Within two days the girls are all attempting to walk with it! Reagan is the least excited about it, and Harper is the wing leader. Emerie is really good at climbing into it and now is walking forward too.

Harper took four steps on Saturday, teetered and balanced herself, and took two more. No I did not get it on video, was way too in the moment for that. And after only two practice tries… a little TOO quick!

I predict by the end of May we will have walkers. Everyone’s coordination is improving so rapidly and they definitely watch and feed off each other as they learn new things. I cannot handle how mature Emerie looks in this photo!!

A few other fun new things include Harper raspberrying my leg (and thinking it was hilarious), Emerie gaining great coordination with moveable toys and doing things on her own, and Reagan is a speed crawler! Everyone enjoyed the gorgeous sun this weekend and we set up the new Regalo playpen. It’s light and useful at both the park and in the front yard as we start spring cleaning the garage. I also figured out it folds up perfectly to fit across the stroller bars so I can single handedly bring it with me somewhere and let the girls out to play.

Spring into Easter

This week was our second Easter with the girls! Last year we were about 11 days into our NICU stay since the holiday fell so very early. In fact, this year’s Easter fell exactly a year after we brought everyone home for the first time!

Now that the girls are bigger, more mobile and observant, we participated in a few activities over the weekend. Everyone is coughing and super stuffy, so instead of spreading that around, we minimized play dates and socializing and had a nice weekend just the five of us.

On Saturday we opted for photos with a real bunny, instead of the big (and creepy) costume one. The girls thought it was really fun to pet the little guy (his name was Yatzhee!) and the bunny handled three sets of tiny hands quite well.

Luckily we made it right at opening and didn’t have to wait too long to see Mr. Bunny. For future reference, setting the girls in a wheel barrow works great for pictures with all three together. They didn’t even try to climb out, smiled and even looked at the camera.

After a quick run to Target, we spent the rest of the day playing at home and watching movies. When I say watching movies, the littles let us get through two whole movies in a single afternoon. It felt wonderful to sit on the couch and relax, snuggling with any baby that momentarily wandered over from playing with their toys. Harper was especially snuggly, probably because of her cold, and actually sat still for periods of time. Everyone played and played and played!

Easter plans consisted of chocolate bunnies (for breakfast!), finding Easter eggs, and playtime. The tiny chocolate bunnies became tiny, airborne bunnies at first, but eventually turned into food. Reagan went right to chewing on the ears while Harper and Reagan threw their around a bit first. Emerie eventually discovered the delicious chocolate taste while Harper was a bit more skeptical. After a few minutes everyone was chomping down with and eating a bit of chocolate.

After a quick breakfast at Ihop, with very well behaved kiddos, we came home to relax for the rest of the day. Spring tutus were added to outfits! I filled plastic eggs with treats, such as cheese puffs, yogurt melts, and crackers, and spread them around the family room. The girls were immediately curious. Filling them with something that made noise when shaken definitely worked to peak their interest. They enjoyed their snacks, making our first “egg hunt” a success!

I will leave you with these smiles!

You just have to laugh at some things…

So funny story…I am pretty proud that we have escaped many of the embarrassing things that often occur during that first year of sleep deprivation. Of course there are the small things, such as completely spacing out on something, or setting your phone down in the fridge because, well, triplets…

Earlier this week I was reminded that these moments may continue to happen for an unforeseeable amount of time into my future, including my ever present “mommy brain.”

The past few days sleep deprivation is in full force. The girls came down with a fourth winter cold in a matter of a few hours; they were fine when we both left for work on Monday, and enjoying a major snotfest by the time we came home that afternoon.  My point being…Craig and I were tired. The girls aren’t sleeping well and are grumpy. We are grumpy too. Shocker….

About 9:00 AM on Monday morning, two and a half hours into my typical office work day, my boss called me into his office.  When I walked in to see what’s up, he matter-of-fact pointed out I “had something on my shirt.”  First thought was baby food, milk, or a nice concoction of something baby related. As it turned out, I had a large pink/teal plastic bib…STUCK TO MY BACK.

Seriously, guys, I was wearing that shirt for 3+ hours before anyone noticed a little “friend” was tagging along for the ride.  That shirt came off a hanger in my closet, meaning that bib made it from the dryer, into the closet, onto me, under my coat, throughout my morning work time, and until my boss pointed it out. There are days I wonder where I put my cell phone down, AND I’M HOLDING IT. That bib showed certain dedication on its “take me to work day” morning.

Ah the life of a parent…I guess it could have been worse. It was a clean bib after all!

I tried (I literally just typed “tired” instead of tried….) to think back over the past year to other similar, silly things we’ve done; luckily I can’t come up with too many. That doesn’t mean they didn’t happen…more likely means they did and we were too tired to remember or even notice! One afternoon I found a half gallon of ice cream in the fridge, courtesy of Craig (being dairy free means he couldn’t blame this one on me!).

One of our jokes throughout the first six months home was using the word “burp cloth.” I don’t know about you, but I have a very hard time remembering this word. Why? I have no idea. What I can tell you is, in our house, it is referred to as a “drop cloth.” Different word, same meaning?! I think so. We used a lot of drop cloths for bottle propping, pumping, and cleaning up baby spit, throw up, you name it.  All those years renovating our houses must have resulted in the exclusion of burp cloth from our daily dictionary. Plus, with triplets…don’t you think a drop cloth might be necessary?!

Speaking of laughs…I made the girls experience big, wet snowflakes the other day for our random, freak April snowstorm. Reagan definitely liked it the most, but everyone thought it was cool to check out. Enjoy.

From Jumpers to Naps

This week our busy little bees have hit a few new…eeerrr……milestones?

Hearing Craig exclaim from the playpen, stop licking my belly button! And then a moment later seeing Reagan licking Craig’s leg hair. Such wonderful memories to share with the girls when they are older…


img_0278Reagan received her first swollen lip last week. It is undetermined if she was smacked in the face by a sister (likely) or if she bit it falling down on a toy. Either way, she wasn’t excited about it; but it hasn’t stopped her from climbing on things and testing out her boundaries.


Napping is finally improving, it only took about a year! The girls were never great nappers, starting when we defined specific nap times to now. They still need some daytime sleep to continue being happy and pleasant babies; some days it is very difficult while others are much smoother. We are down to one nap, having lost the second one at about 11 months and Reagan a little before that. It was too much of a battle to get them to go down for another relatively short nap, so we stopped trying and now focus on getting one good one. Typical naps are around an hour, but recently that is getting better at two or more. We try to be as physically active as possible throughout the morning so everyone is tired and ready to settle down. Once the girls are in their cribs, we give them about 10 minutes to settle down, whether they are screaming, giggling, or otherwise, before we will go back and intervene. Lately we haven’t had to go back in. When they were smaller, there was a great deal of pulling out the one keeping the other two awake…and that varied between all three.

The end of last week and the weekend schedule worked like a charm. The girls napped about two hours a day, ALL THREE OF THEM, each day. Major progress!! After going through more clothes, we tried on some “big girl pajamas” too! Don’t mind Reagan’s face in the picture…she was ready to eat, not smile for the camera.

Big girl pajamas!

Harper and Emerie had their follow up ear infection appointments on Friday. The office was running late and man…it is really difficult to entertain two one year olds in a tiny, boiling hot room for 40 minutes. Reagan stayed with Grandma, and napped the whole time, so at least we only had to entertain two!

The doctor told us the next few appointments are exceptionally difficult at this age. We are thinking we might split them up and take one at a time to make things less stressful. My other idea is to pack up and bring the pack-and-play with us. Then we can at least set them each down where they can play while we spend two hours there.

One other change in the Douglet household is no more tracker chart! As you know, I like to write things down, memories, silly antics, and definitely the daily schedule. We made it through three Triplet Time books (off Amazon) and once they were no longer available for purchase, I made my own customized Douglets version. We used this for a few more months, keeping up on the day-to-day eating habits, diapers, and funny things throughout the days.

After hitting the year mark, the tracker started to become more effort than help, unlike previous months. We relied on it greatly when the girls were smaller, as schedule was EVERYTHING, and without it we couldn’t remember who ate how much when, let alone get any sleep. img_0371It may seem like taking the time to write things down is unneeded effort, but when you are feeding three babies every three hours each day, your mind very quickly jumbles who had how much when.  It will also be fun to look back at the first few months of life and see some of the funny notes. For example, there are definitely a few “Emerie peed in her hair!” notes (she’s going to kill me for that someday) or “no one slept in their cribs last night” type of things.

Another transition is away from the baby jumpers. I am sad to see them go; I could watch them giggle and laugh and bounce all day long. We are now to the point they just want to explore and play; and they see the jumpers as confinement. No one has tried to climb out of them yet, but if we continued to use them it would probably happen.  Our living room looks so huge now…three jumpers take up a lot of space!

A lot of people dislike jumpers, saying they are bad for babies. Looking into this topic, they can be bad for development, but that is if you leave them in for long periods of time allll the time. Another complaint is it causes children to walk on their tiptoes. In my experience, both are non issues as long as you pay attention to your kids! Harper and Emerie didn’t do tiptoe very much, but Reagan did for a while. As soon as she became mobile, the tiptoes went away and she stands fine now. It’s all about moderation! I will miss those jumpers…

We took advantage of Grandma Sue’s visit and made a few more efforts to baby proof the house.  Our tri-level house has extensive staircase area. The house was originally designed with a 7″ gap between the railings; big enough I can stick my head through, so a child can fully hang through it.  We have a loft area at the top of the stairs in the living room and it is quite high up. Our cats have always liked they can easily escape the dogs by running through the openings, and the dogs used to sit up in the loft and hang their heads through the railing, surveying their surroundings or to take a nap.

This weekend we ruined those joys for our pets, but made our stairs kid safe. I would love to completely demolished the existing railing, but because…well triplets, we don’t have time for that and just added metal spindles, centered in the 7″ opening and now to municipal code! I believe it turned out really nice, and while we aren’t quite finished with the loft, the girls can go from the living room up to their bedroom (monitored) without fear of falling off the sides.

We are still working on food. The girls love to give Grandma Sue a hard time about her cooking, refusing to try things or eat them. Harper is really a stickler for refusing to enjoy her concoctions, Emerie and Reagan are more easily coaxed. They do, however, all like her chicken noodle soup, vegetables and all! Watching them slurp noodles is literally THE cutest thing.

Because the girls can be a bit picky, we still use baby food as well as whatever we are eating to make sure they get the calorie intake they need. They often refuse to eat the food plopped down in front of them on the table (Harper and Reagan more than Em) and are more willing to try it out if you eat a bit and feed them with your utensil. Silly babies.

They seem to be picky sometimes and other times starving little monkeys. Cheese puffs and yogurt melts are still the favorite; mango slices, green beans, crackers and vege-straws are a hit, and of course french fries are a great snack every once in a while, that’s in their genetics like their mother. They liked our homemade coleslaw the other day too, as long as it entered their mouths from my fork! They enjoy Cheerios if they are off someone else’s spoon. Apparently they aren’t as good as a hand to mouth snack (yet).

We are transitioning from bottle feeds to food intake pretty well. The girls get breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day in the triple table, with a bottle in the morning, afternoon, and right before bedtime. Everyone has three or more teeth coming through, which greatly minimized the amount of milk everyone drinks. For a few days I was bagging a bunch for later this year because they weren’t drinking it. Once the teeth popped through the gums, everyone started drinking their bottles better.img_0237

Reagan and Emerie briefly still to drink their bottles

Spring is here (or at least it looks very promising!). The few recent walks feel warm and sunny and like the leaves should appear at any moment. We are excited for Easter next weekend and might do a few bunny photos and play dates. I can’t wait until it is warm enough to sit outside and play with the girls in the sun!

Miss Harper having a fun time on the walk.


Time to Climb

Last weekend was productive and fun. The weather was unusually gorgeous and warm for March in Alaska, and the sunlight very welcome. In fact, it’s so close to summer we broke out the kid popsicle molds. As you can see below, Harper was not a fan- Emerie gave it a try and Reagan ate hers and Harper’s!

We are prepping for a children clothing consignment sale in mid-April and spent a lot of time sorting through clothes in the garage. Getting fresh air was really nice and having extra hands made the prepping advance much more efficiently.

We are greatly blessed that so many wonderful people gifted clothes to the girls. As I sorted through boxes, I remember many instances when Emerie wore a tiny onesie, or Harper a cute romper, or Reagan an adorable hoodie; we’ve worn a TON of things. I’m glad I did the effort of dressing everyone each morning and getting those cute pictures taken and memories saved!

Throwback to a tiny and cute baby outfit!

The playpen continues to grow with the girls. The living room is pretty tight with it, a feeding table, three jumpers, and our standard furniture!

The consignment sale funds a new triple stroller, called the Zoe. Get this (geek mom alert), it’s a triple stroller that is less than 20 pounds!! It  comes in variety of cute colors, AND should fit in my car. The even crazier thing is, the website boasts three day shipping across the entire US. Those of us in Alaska know most manufacturers may promise this, but realistically that is impossibly fast for shipping here, let alone a large box like a stroller. But no! It arrived in three days!! Quite impressive if you ask me.

Ordered in aqua 🙂

In another month or so we will take the plunge to rear facing car seats; the infant ones will no longer be big enough. Then Ee can break this bad boy in! The girls enjoyed the stroller boxes more than the actual stroller. They stayed entertained for a good while in them.

Who needs toys when there are boxes?!

On the developmental front, the girls are continuing to hone new life skills. They are discovering that stairs are super fun (much to my dismay!). It is good development to let them try to climb (while closely monitored) and I was unprepared for how quick they’d get good at it. Reagan and Harper are overachievers and use their feet to climb, not their knees! So NOT ready for that.

Earlier this week Reagan discovered the tiny baby piano in the playpen (baby jail) is climbable, and like the toddler she is, had to test that theory out. It didn’t go so well for her and she slipped right off it. It is now toy timeout!

Some parental shrieking occurred the other night when we had a little bathtub incident. We fed the girls dinner in just diapers, bibs and socks, planning to bathe all the food off of them afterwards. One of them left a little surprise in the tub! That is the first time that’s happened…in a year!! Guess we made out like bandits on that parenting milestone, until now.

We are also working on the wave and clapping. Everyone mimics you when clapping, or will bang toys together in response and giggle. It’s pretty adorable when all three bang toys together and make their own version of toddler music. One of their birthday toys, a singing picnic basket, has food shapes that everyone loves to turn into music. At one point Harper’s hand was stuck in the basket, but other than that everyone enjoys it!  Nanny Chris has been working on the wave for a few months now, to no success, and then this week we noticed everyone start the open handed wave sometime during the day. Not on command, and definitely not for saying goodbye, but progress!

We now have professional crawlers. The corrective therapy for Emerie is helping her crawl a little less “like Gollum,” as Craig says, and help her move quicker. Harper and Reagan now race across the room, often in opposite directions.  We’ve taken to a nightly baby procession, with everyone crawling to the nursery before bedtime.

This current stage for Craig and I seems to be accepting bedtime uncertainty. In other words, we never know from one day to the next if the bedtime routine with go smoothly or be a total screaming disaster. Neither of us can figure out why the variety exists; some nights everything is fine, the girls eat a bottle and go down in their cribs in about 15 minutes. Other nights, like on Monday, consist of two hours of all three relentlessly screaming. In fact, two out of the past four nights no one slept in the nursery for a few hours.

The unpredictability is hard, especially when you can never anticipate if you will sleep over night or not. I recognize this is simply another parental right of passage, the loss of good and consistent sleep as well as a sense of control, since you can’t MAKE them sleep. We were extremely spoiled from about 2 months old until 9 months because they slept through the night, in their room, with only a few coddles needed here and there. I wouldn’t say we took that for granted, but we definitely miss it!!img_1176

Teething is a likely culprit for a lot of this, which contributed to the 9 month sleep disruption as well. The girls settled down a lot once the teeth fully arrived, and I’m holding onto the thought that nighttime will again readjust for the better once all teeth are in.

Toddlerhood is Looming

All the signs are pointing to the arrival of toddlerhood X 3! One week post birthday and the girls are interacting more and giggling, exploring…and biting?! At lunch the other day Reagan stuck her hand into Emerie’s mouth, in between noodles, and Emerie chomped down. Luckily Em only has two bottom teeth and top teeth bumps. Of course, Reagan started crying and once she calmed down, she put that hand right back and did it again!! Apparently it will take some more teeth for her to stop testing that idea out…

Playing with their toys and behaving!

Two more days until the sixth developmental leap completes and it is taking forever! For example, Harper is in a new phase of shaking her rattles and then banging them on her siblings’ heads. A good amount of tears have fallen in the past few days over this. She doesn’t yet recognize that her actions cause baby rage, and continues to test out the rattle’s functionality as we are hollering to stop.

Checking out the new picnic basket from their birthday

Another example…Emerie decided to test out her teeth skills by chomping down on my shoulder when I didn’t immediately placate her on something. Tiny girl gave me a mini bruise on my shoulder with only two bottom teeth!

Last night at bedtime we put the girls down with their binkies like usual, turned on the nightlight and white noise machine, and walked out of the room. After pausing for a moment, you could hear big giggles coming from their room. Harper and Reagan were just laughing, in the dark, at each other through the crib slats. It was pretty cute and the first time we’ve noticed them doing it. Emerie was already asleep and missed the giggles this time.

Binkie time

It only lasted about 10 minutes. I captured some of it off the baby cam: Harper is in the left crib and Reagan on the right. Enjoy!

Of course, baby giggles eventually turned to shrieks, with Reagan not ready to go to sleep. She ended up with Mom and Dad as Harper snuggled up with her wubbanub and fell asleep. Emerie slept the entire night in her crib too!

On this day in 2018: Part 2

I cannot believe we successfully made it a full year as parents to THREE little girls. Some days my mind still doesn’t grasp the fact I am a parent, and especially to three; hell, other days I still can’t believe I am even an adult. It’s very surreal and such a blessing.

The past year is full of firsts. First time parents. First time seeing dawn EVERY day for the entire summer. First time attached to a breast pump. First time enjoying baby snuggles with MY kids. First Christmas with the girls. First teeth. First projectile vomit (haha). So many firsts, some fun, some a little less fun!

So tiny!!

Looking at how tiny and fragile they once were throughout the NICU days, it is amazing to see how far they have flourished into happy, bright eyed, smiley toddlers! And we are a week from completing the next developmental leap.

What has been our favorite part this past year? Craig and I agree on this for the most part. His response was watching the girls grow and change into their own, individual personalities.  He also enjoys that having triplets gives us the opportunity to see into other people’s lives in a new way. It lets us get to know those that have similar pregnancy histories as well as many who struggled before getting to where they are today and gives us a glimpse of their journeys.

Personally, I enjoy seeing every milestones. There were often days where the end was invisible, where everybody was grumpy or wanted more attention and the day didn’t seem survivable, but somehow we managed. After those days, a smile or a giggle was enough to reign me back in to enjoying parenthood, and remind me that babies constantly grow and change, meaning the hard times will too.

Our support system post kiddos sure has changed. I love the multiples moms and dads that are so busy themselves, but still willing to chip in and help when you’ve reached wits end. Words of encouragement are so needed after a sleepless night(s) or a week of intense teething. I hope I provide some of that encouragement to them as they have done for me. It is great to remember we are all in this together.

As we approach toddlerhood, I must remember this next phase will be another learning experience, both as a first time parent and a multiple mom and dad.

Craig says the hardest part for him has been the change in lifestyle; not being able to go and do things at the drop of a hat and having to plan everything out. I may be a planner by profession but I am definitely less of one in my personal life, at least when it comes to planning outings and trips. We were much more spontaneous pre-babies, and now have to plan out all outings ahead of time. He is also not a fan of cutting the tiny finger and toenails as well as the wiping the sniffly noses during a cold!

We took the girls in for their year checkup this week. The appointment took a full two hours!  Now that they are mobile, it is much more difficult to corral them in the exam room, especially when there are three of them and two of you. Luckily the pediatrician’s office is helpful, both the nurses and our doctor, and snuggles the third while we each have one after the shots.

This month’s milestone checkup was a little more complicated than prior ones, with the continuation of winter and battling of illnesses. Everyone received their one year appointment shots, including the MMR against measles. I have been anxiously awaiting this specific shot for the past two months, especially with the measles outbreak in Washington. The room was full of some baby rage for a bit. Surprisingly, no one batted an eye at the foot prick to check their hemoglobin levels. On the sickness side, Emerie either has her third ear infection or is still holding onto her second one from earlier this month. Another round of medicine for her! Harper has a croup cough, the doctor noticed it right away. She’s had it for a couple weeks but when we took her in previously, were told it was just a cold cough and it would pass.  Harper also has fluid in an ear that we need to recheck to see if she develops an ear infection like her sister. Reagan, thankfully, just has a runny nose and cold (the other two do too).

Now let’s get to the good stuff, an update on the girls!

No one broke the 20 pound weight, but we were pretty close!  Harper now weighs 19 pounds, 6 ounces, and is currently winning the weight category again for the first time in a few months. Reagan is 19 pounds 5 ounces. Emerie is still our little peanut, coming in smallest at 17 pounds 10 ounces, moving up a bit in her percentile to 17th.

Everyone has grown so much the past year. Here are all 12 month photos.

Other updates!

Everyone is on the move and crawling. Walking is right around the corner and everyone is pulling themselves up as much as possible! They really like standing with the jumpers (while not in them) and playing with the toys on them. The other day I caught Reagan chewing the tv stand knob.

The jumpers are still used, but not nearly as much. Floor playtime is the new jumper! We keep rearranging the house to fit everything now that everyone is mobile.

Harper is the first to stand without any assistance. Reagan and Emerie are doing it a little, but she can stand and hold a toy for 30 seconds without plopping down. No one is side stepping too much, but they will hold things, crawl, pull themselves up somewhere else, and so on.

Mango in all forms is the favorite food. They also all love the yogurt melties, all flavors. I wish they made the vanilla banana in adult sized bags… Harper is giving Grandma Sue hell over her food choices and fights eating any real food she makes. Emerie and Reagan like her cooking. We are still introducing lots of foods; so far the girls seem to be a bit picky about textures, but like food in general. We are a little behind in the game and just starting to introduce sippy cups this week. They all seem to understand them pretty well!

Harper feeds the dog the most. Kalli will even take food out of her hand if I’m not paying close enough attention. She has to have small tests bites from the spoon or she will completely refuse anything you feed her. Emerie, on the other hand, will pretty much eat anything unless she’s grumpy. Reagan really likes to shovel everything into her mouth, whereas sometimes Emerie will only try it from the spoon.

Yes, I am still pumping…a lot… I meticulously write everything down (big surprise there). In total, for the first year, I have pumped 22,155 ounces of milk…or 173 GALLONS. That equates to, in average, about half a gallon per day. My goodness, that sounds like a lot as I write this! I was ahead of the girls for a while and pumping six times per day, the past six months or so I am down to five times per day, which feels much more doable. When teething, I am ahead of them. When everyone is happy with no colds, we supplement a feed or so a day with formula.

The teeth are back. The teething is definitely back!! It’s interesting to see that all have teeth coming in on the top left hand side, both front and “i” teeth.

Favorite toys have not changed in the past several months. The singing toucan and the play table are definitely hits still. Grandma Sue just bought the girls little dollies and they think they’re silly and giggle at them. Kalli also tries to eat them…YouTube remains a favorite in the house, with Disney and princesses themed music.

Thank you to everyone who is sharing this journey with us. Here is to year number two!