Sh$t and Giggles

Want to know what potty training triplets is like?

It’s like helping your daughter in from the backyard because she announced she was pooping, taking her to the bathroom, and emptying the lovely contents of her big girl underwear into the toilet… And as it falls into the water, it splashes you in the face.

That, my friends, may or may not have happened to me this this evening. I guess you could say potty training… it is just shits and giggles…

This definitely ranks in my top five grossest experiences since having kids, right up there with my hair smelling like vomited breastmilk (even after showering) and having to buy a whole new outfit at the hospital because Reagan pooped through her diaper during our skin to skin time.


I’ll end on a cute photo to get the other image out of your mind!

2 thoughts on “Sh$t and Giggles

  1. Oh my god you’re a trooper! I just finished potty training my eldest, which lined up nicely with juggling a newborn 😭🤦 – you know what his favourite thing to do was?! Crawl through the doggy door at 5am, into the backyard & SHIT IN HIS PANTS every morning!
    Thank goodness that’s over with now !

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