Spring into Easter

This week was our second Easter with the girls! Last year we were about 11 days into our NICU stay since the holiday fell so very early. In fact, this year’s Easter fell exactly a year after we brought everyone home for the first time!

Now that the girls are bigger, more mobile and observant, we participated in a few activities over the weekend. Everyone is coughing and super stuffy, so instead of spreading that around, we minimized play dates and socializing and had a nice weekend just the five of us.

On Saturday we opted for photos with a real bunny, instead of the big (and creepy) costume one. The girls thought it was really fun to pet the little guy (his name was Yatzhee!) and the bunny handled three sets of tiny hands quite well.

Luckily we made it right at opening and didn’t have to wait too long to see Mr. Bunny. For future reference, setting the girls in a wheel barrow works great for pictures with all three together. They didn’t even try to climb out, smiled and even looked at the camera.

After a quick run to Target, we spent the rest of the day playing at home and watching movies. When I say watching movies, the littles let us get through two whole movies in a single afternoon. It felt wonderful to sit on the couch and relax, snuggling with any baby that momentarily wandered over from playing with their toys. Harper was especially snuggly, probably because of her cold, and actually sat still for periods of time. Everyone played and played and played!

Easter plans consisted of chocolate bunnies (for breakfast!), finding Easter eggs, and playtime. The tiny chocolate bunnies became tiny, airborne bunnies at first, but eventually turned into food. Reagan went right to chewing on the ears while Harper and Reagan threw their around a bit first. Emerie eventually discovered the delicious chocolate taste while Harper was a bit more skeptical. After a few minutes everyone was chomping down with and eating a bit of chocolate.

After a quick breakfast at Ihop, with very well behaved kiddos, we came home to relax for the rest of the day. Spring tutus were added to outfits! I filled plastic eggs with treats, such as cheese puffs, yogurt melts, and crackers, and spread them around the family room. The girls were immediately curious. Filling them with something that made noise when shaken definitely worked to peak their interest. They enjoyed their snacks, making our first “egg hunt” a success!

I will leave you with these smiles!

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