You just have to laugh at some things…

So funny story…I am pretty proud that we have escaped many of the embarrassing things that often occur during that first year of sleep deprivation. Of course there are the small things, such as completely spacing out on something, or setting your phone down in the fridge because, well, triplets…


Earlier this week I was reminded that these moments may continue to happen for an unforeseeable amount of time into my future, including my ever present “mommy brain.”

The past few days sleep deprivation is in full force. The girls came down with a fourth winter cold in a matter of a few hours; they were fine when we both left for work on Monday, and enjoying a major snotfest by the time we came home that afternoon.  My point being…Craig and I were tired. The girls aren’t sleeping well and are grumpy. We are grumpy too. Shocker….

About 9:00 AM on Monday morning, two and a half hours into my typical office work day, my boss called me into his office.  When I walked in to see what’s up, he matter-of-fact pointed out I “had something on my shirt.”  First thought was baby food, milk, or a nice concoction of something baby related. As it turned out, I had a large pink/teal plastic bib…STUCK TO MY BACK.

Seriously, guys, I was wearing that shirt for 3+ hours before anyone noticed a little “friend” was tagging along for the ride.  That shirt came off a hanger in my closet, meaning that bib made it from the dryer, into the closet, onto me, under my coat, throughout my morning work time, and until my boss pointed it out. There are days I wonder where I put my cell phone down, AND I’M HOLDING IT. That bib showed certain dedication on its “take me to work day” morning.

Ah the life of a parent…I guess it could have been worse. It was a clean bib after all!

I tried (I literally just typed “tired” instead of tried….) to think back over the past year to other similar, silly things we’ve done; luckily I can’t come up with too many. That doesn’t mean they didn’t happen…more likely means they did and we were too tired to remember or even notice! One afternoon I found a half gallon of ice cream in the fridge, courtesy of Craig (being dairy free means he couldn’t blame this one on me!).

One of our jokes throughout the first six months home was using the word “burp cloth.” I don’t know about you, but I have a very hard time remembering this word. Why? I have no idea. What I can tell you is, in our house, it is referred to as a “drop cloth.” Different word, same meaning?! I think so. We used a lot of drop cloths for bottle propping, pumping, and cleaning up baby spit, throw up, you name it.  All those years renovating our houses must have resulted in the exclusion of burp cloth from our daily dictionary. Plus, with triplets…don’t you think a drop cloth might be necessary?!

Speaking of laughs…I made the girls experience big, wet snowflakes the other day for our random, freak April snowstorm. Reagan definitely liked it the most, but everyone thought it was cool to check out. Enjoy.

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