11 Months and the Race is On!

This week marked 11 months actual, 9.5 adjusted. We are now on the countdown to their first birthday!

The race has begun to see who will be our first crawler, walker, and one to pull themselves up!

MOVEMENT: In the past couple of weeks everything is starting to advance at a quick pace. Overnight Harper decided to start rolling, and now goes all over the place. She was the first to pull herself upright onto a play set without assistance. Emerie is miss “rolly polly” and any time you set her down she rolls and scoots everywhere. Reagan does the same and has started backwards crawling. Forward…not quite yet for anyone.

This morning Emerie decided to dive off the changing table in the one second I grabbed Reagan’s bottle. I caught her mid air on the way down that three feet, by her sleep sack. It’s definitely true what they say about moms; we can move with lightning speed when we need to! And at the crack of dawn no less!

They look bald but there is a little hair now!

FOOD: Reagan and Harper have caught up with their sister. Harper does huge baby bird bites, although she still sloshes the food around on her tongue a little. Reagan is a pro at picking food up, and stuffs it down as fast as possible while Harper fidgets with it. Emerie still loves her snack food, but now takes daintier bites than a couple months ago. Reagan is still the cleanest eater; Harper and Emerie love to make a mess and feed the dogs! Everyone holds their bottles like pros…that is, when they want to. Otherwise they swing them around, throw them across the room, do anything but DRINK them.

It appears the favorite food is anything mango flavored and they love puffs and crackers. They do not like peaches or lentil soup, but rice and beans are acceptable.

SLEEP: Sleep habits have changed quite a bit since the last developmental leap (and we just started #6!). Harper took a break from being our best sleeper but is now back to her original habits and sleeping like a pro in her crib. Reagan is the most hyper at night. Sometimes we have to placate her for an extra hour before she is willing to calm down and go to sleep, and then is good for the night (usually). Or we have those random nights where she and I chill overnight in the guest room while Craig has Emerie. Emerie is quite capable of sleeping in her bed, but does not self soothe like the other two and generally wakes up hysterical. She has had many more nights in bed with mom and dad…because, well we’d like to sleep too.

Emerie likes to sleep on her stomach now. Once she settles enough to not be angry, she sleeps great on her belly. Harper is a side sleeper, often ending up with her neck back, looking awkward but happy. Reagan rolls all over the crib at bedtime, but generally ends up on her back. Everyone snuggles with their wubba-nubs.

As I am writing this I hear Reagan chuck her spare binkie out of her crib and it hit the floor. So funny.

PERSONALITIES: The older we get, the more pieces of personality come out. Harper maintains her happy, chill demeanor, at least on days when her protruding teeth aren’t bothering her. She also loves to talk and shriek! Emerie is still the diva, but also has a lot of happy moments and likes to chat with her sisters. Reagan, while being the most reserved of the three, is working on forming new words and loves to say Momma and nom nom nom when eating.

MUSIC: This is definitely a baby shark house. The girls know that song after about two notes. They are still very partial to Disney princess medleys and especially seem to like Jungle Book and Moana songs right now and their Disney Acapella. On the flip side, they all really like the Louis Prima song Sing Sing Sing (with a Swing) and a few other oldies. We do lots of jumping and dance parties to our YouTube video mixes. Craig is doing his best to get them to learn Frozen in multiple languages too.

TOYS: Jumpers, of course, are still favored and everyone likes the foot piano even more than previous months. There is major enthusiasm for the tiny activity table; they wiggle and squeal in excitement if I even go near it. The girls aren’t yet bored of their singing toucan piano, and their activity cube.

BINKIES: Yes, this gets its very own category. Why? Well the girls used to obsess over their ceiling fan…now, at least for Reagan, it is her wubba-nub. She snuggles with it at night and naps, and likes to have one nearby a lot of the time. Harper and Emerie like them too, but not nearly as much.

Harper before nap time

Less than a month until the big month 12. Lots to do before then and it’s right around the corner. Time to get moving!

On the move!

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