Like the Movies

Last night was definitely a night to remember.

To the girls’ delight, it started with Cousin Tyler visiting for the night and lots of giggles and playtime.

We went through our normal nightly routine: jumping, baby food time and finger snacks, playtime downstairs, and bedtime feeding. Everyone is starting to get their appetites back as the cold symptoms start to ease back up. Thank goodness!

Everyone was close to finished with their bottles, about 6 oz or so each, and Craig was giving Reagan cough medicine while Emerie and Harper were with me, sitting on the nursery arm chair, playing with their tiny books.

Harper started a flemmy cough because I swear she is filled with snot. She spit up the cough medicine Craig had just given her, something he was commenting when…

Sidebar…I’ve always called BS on the way comedies portray projectile vomit. The straight river like stream that protrudes out of an actors’ mouth, obviously fake, is simply for the delight (or disgust) of TV viewers. Well, I thought that until today.

Harper literally pulled out her own personal movie stunt and emptied her entire 6 oz bottle straight out of her mouth, all over her and the pillow she was sitting on (and I was just about to pick her up at that moment…mommy bath time dodged!). As I’m scrambling to keep her from choking, she’s looking at me all calmly and happy…and wet.

Harper(yes she is in purple) post Project try-to-puke-on-mom

To make matters even better, Emerie, who is playing next to her sister, thinks it’s a perfect time to dive straight into that pile of fresh milk vomit, and try to swish around in it. And she moved fast!

Needless to say, they both received new pajamas, and Reagan and Emerie snuggled in the crib while we cleaned up Harper. Did I mention she had a bath about an hour prior to this?!

It was quite comical. I mean really, look at this face post clothing change. How could I possibly be upset with that??!?

The upside of the whole fountain of milk scenario? It apparently made everyone tired; and EVERYONE slept ALL night in their cribs. I don’t think we’ve accomplished that in 2019.

Everyone asleep IN THEIR BEDS!!

We feel RESTED. Even at 4:30 AM when I started writing this!

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