sNOT for the weak of heart…

The other day I was looking at a friend holding her two week old baby; he fussed a little so she got out the bottle and fed him. In my mind that seemed weird, but cause what if feeding the baby right away got them off schedule? Then I remembered, some of our baby raising habits are different than those with singletons, although the rigid “must follow the schedule to the exact detail” days are more or less over. We are still following a schedule but it shifts around a little here and there, especially when we are out and about doing things or the girls wake up super early or sleep in late!

Speaking of off schedule…the crud has made its way back into our household, after surviving most of December and January without the girls getting it (I was not so lucky…).

Pretty blue eyes (Reagan) and some great nose snot

Everyone is extra grumpy and nap times and overnight sleeping are a fight to the death. The good news is, each night at least one baby has slept in their own crib, but it alternates who that one is. I think that is the only way Craig and I will survive this, since we can go to “man to man defense” during the night and still get some sleep.

Snack time and nose bubbles from Emerie

Saturday night I had a fussy Harper with me and Craig had a minorly fussy Emerie. The prior night Harper slept without a peep all night while Reagan screamed about her stuffy nose.

Harper’s “beautiful as ever” bib

Last night I was fortunate to end up with Reagan, who was SUPER hyper throughout bedtime and wouldn’t go down until about 9 PM. But once she did, she was out! Craig woke up for a cranky Emerie, who had fallen asleep on her belly in her crib, and awoke to realize that was a detriment to her happiness. From there she fussed a lot.

A little playtime before bed. They were missing their toes (since they are always in fleece sleepers this month)

Different personalities come out when a cold takes over the house. Harper isn’t largely phased by it, although she does fuss a little more overnight if you don’t successfully get her down before she realizes she is stuffy. Reagan mopes- all. Day. Long. Fights naps when she doesn’t usually and has only had one nap each day this weekend. She gets a little more “diva like”, similar to Emerie when she’s grumpy.

“Don’t wipe my nose!!”

Emerie actually thinks you are trying to kill her when you wipe her nose off, even when the boogers are SO LONG and hit her upper lip and bottle. So inconsiderate.

When my nose is stuffy I’m not a big fan of food. The girls are the same! It is an epic cage match to get a bottle down everyone each feed, one that the parents are not winning. To placate that, we try to pump a bunch a baby food and finger snacks down them to help will those less than full bellies.

The girls like the yogurt melts a lot, and other snacks they can pick up with their hands. Harper has to have something in each hand as she eats, and Craig discovered Emerie cooperates much better when she has a clean spoon to bang around.

Avocado was a hit for these snot nosed monsters

We braved two walks this weekend to help clean out those sinuses. Not sure how the girls felt about fifteen degree weather but we sure bundled them up!

Fingers crossed we are over the cold hump and can get back to the normal eating of bottles and sleeping (mostly).

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