Let the battle begin…

Playing in Christmas clothes – Harper, Emerie, Reagan

Welp, it appears that I lost the battle. Technically it’s not a competition, but who are we kidding? Everyone wants to win the first baby sound battle (here is Reagan- ignore my epic food in mouth spill).

Craig claims to be the winner with all three…I am still disputing. The “dadadadada” sounds constantly coming out of Emerie, then Harper, then Reagan, are simply a sound, not an acknowledgement of a person. My PIC professional Amy backs me up on this thought!Either way, it is very cute, and they like to yell it at us at random times and in loud voices. Reagan is a bit more timid in her sound while Harper and Emerie just yell at you.

We are practicing sitting time each day to strengthen those back and ab muscles. The girls have greatly improved over the past several weeks. Reagan is a pro and by far the strongest (that hasn’t changed since birth), Harper sits well but likes to stretch back against the boppy when she can or we aren’t paying close attention, and Emerie is a bit more floppy and always seems to end up on her belly, angry, but is improving.

This video doesn’t exist
Everyone is teething majorly and everyone has at least one, or two, teeth poking through the gums.

Emerie’s tooth is no longer afraid of her gums and re-presented itself.

Harper’s are also coming in full force (two of them!), and she is none to pleased about it. Lots of Tylenol for her…and little sleep for us…

Reagan’s bottom one is popping and she seems a little less enraged than her sisters. Lots of chewing on everything and frozen teethers.

So, we should have sitting, teeth showing, chatting babies by Christmas. Where has the time gone?!

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