All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?

Let the teething begin…again?

After the departure of Emerie’s first tooth, we had a month hiatus of any tooth viewings. That worked great considering we obtained a cold, and snuffles AND cranky teethers cannot possibly coexist (I’m in denial, let me have this one).

With the distraction of the cold, Thanksgiving, and a 7.0 earthquake, needless to say we haven’t been monitoring the girls toothless situation that closely. The past few days the girls have been chewing on things more, now that they aren’t all stuffy, but when we actually checked their mouths, everyone has progressed!

Everyone is drooling and loving the frozen teethers. We are improving on baby food and they become little starving baby birds when we get out the spoons and food.

We caved and purchased amber necklaces and that seems to be helping a lot with the drooling. Plus they just look so adorable in them.

Harper has one cut on her bottom left, Emerie also on her bottom (the same one that wussed out earlier), and Reagan has two bumps on the bottom and top that are very close to peeking. Very exciting!

All they want for Christmas is their two front teeth…right?

We attempted to get photos of their little mouths, but they did not agree to it and don’t hold still! Still don’t have one of Emerie!

Harper says what are you doing!?

Miss Reagan

I firmly believe everyone’s teeth started appearing after Grandma Sue’s Thanksgiving dinner. They want to enjoy it too!

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