New M(emerie)s

Weekends are long.

I don’t just mean weekends with a holiday like this past one, but in general.

I love my babies, watching them grow, snuggling, and being a mom…but MAN. Weekends can be HARD.

The girls are still battling the stuffy noses and colds. It seemed to be improving and Monday night we couldn’t remotely convince Reagan to go to sleep on her back in her crib, so another night of fussiness in our room. Luckily Harper and Emerie slept decently in the nursery. Last night we convinced everyone to sleep in their cribs, but bedtime took about 2 hours!

While the weekend was long, with several coordinated car nap times and some wonderful extra hands visiting, the girls are continuing to grow and advance and it’s fun to see.

Each day we practice sitting up, eating baby food and hand eye coordination while playing with toys. We are just around the corner from them independently sitting up and playing, as they are getting pretty good at it (with mild help).

Post work playtime

They now grab nearby toys, even when dropped, which is quite the improvement. They grab at their bottles and open their mouths when we hold them up. Emerie has mastered spoon feeding and is very demanding, while Harper and Reagan now tolerate it pretty well. I’m pretty sure they know the word “jump” and when we say it to them in their jumpers…

One new baby fact we did learn this weekend…baby teeth can RECEDE.  Emerie’s tooth dot went from…well…a dot, to NOTHING.  She apparently scared it back into her gum line.  How is that even possible?!  She’s still as droolly and cranky as the norm the past month, but now with less of a tooth than last week.  We can’t even believe it…

Miss Emerie now tries to grab everything off the table.

Harper, as happy as ever (thankfully!), had her first legitimate face bonk, straight into Craig’s glasses.  She was not thrilled, nor was Craig, and now has a nice pink dot in the middle of her forehead.  They are definitely getting stronger and can now apparently use their heads as weapons? Wonderful.

Happy Miss Harper

Reagan, who still has no visible teeth or a bump on her forehead, is very over having a cold, but still learning new things everyday. She believes anything you are holding should be hers to chew on, and is very interested in everything.

Even with a scratched eye, Miss Reagan is so cute!

We are excited for the holidays to get here and have our first Thanksgiving with them. I am also excited for some Black Friday baby deals!! Holidays here we come! So many things to do for their first holiday season.

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