Father’s Day Adventures 2018

Yesterday I had big plans of writing a nice post, singing praises to my hubby for Father’s Day and all the great things he’s been doing!

That plan was still in effect until our evening feed, when some tiny newborn sized monsters were unleashed for an epic battle of babies versus Mom. Needless to say, I did not get any screen time for blog writing.

Last night was definitely in the top five of hardest nights since the girls came home, with 3 straight hours of bloody murder screaming. As soon as one settled, the next would start wailing within seconds that they were absolutely starving, you know, since 20 minutes ago and how dare I not immediately feed them and stop feeding their sisters. To top it all off, instead of having two of us versus the three babies, it was only me because Craig had the pleasure of spending those hours puking in the bathroom from his back pain pills. Not a great night for either of us.

As everyone suggests, after a long and drawn out 3 hour baby battle, my patience was wearing quite thin so I put everyone in their bassinets and took a sanity/pumping break downstairs. Apparently that was the answer because that put everyone to sleep…or maybe it was all the energy burned from crying; either way it worked. And they slept five hours!

Now enough complaining about that. Yesterday was Father’s Day, and the first in a long line of them that I’ve actually acknowledged or celebrated. A good friend of mine designed cute onesies for the girls and Craig (well not a onesie for Craig hehe) and everyone was styling for a few photos.

Her shop is called Super Crafty Maye and is on Facebook! She is very creative and read my mind on what I wanted with minimal effort needed on my part! The girls looked so very cute and the onesies are so soft.

In true Craig style, the theme was triplet elephants.

After a little photo op, we managed to eat lunch out at our favorite place, Sushi Sushi, with all the girls, Grandma Sue and Uncle William, and Kerstin, and not have any crying fits! I think they were saving those for the evening, little did we know…

In closing, happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there, supporting and loving their kiddos. I’m glad we would celebrate Craig’s first holiday as a Dad, with many more to come! Hopefully future ones will involve less crying and puking. It can only improve from here.

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