An Ode to Our Washing Machine

The girls are primarily feeding with breast milk, but we are adding in two feedings for 24cal formula, AKA the gut bomb. We try to give formula at night because it helps keep them full longer AKA more sleep for mom and dad. 24 cal is pretty thick stuff and we have been battling some constipation issues, however yesterday Ms. Harper had some sweet relief as mom handed her off to dad for a quick shower. She blasted mom’s shirt, the bath mat, the shower curtain and the bath tub. Oh the sweet joy of not having a fussy baby, but the daily effort of washing things your normally don’t regularly wash… Thank the Lord for H2O at Home’s cleaning clay and Doterra’s laundry soap!

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Our Washing Machine

  1. 😁 Ours gave up a week after we brought the girls home! It was a nice moderate quality machine very suitable for a childless couple. Didn’t survive the family expansion to five 🤣. We invested in a solid machine that hopefully will last some time with at least a daily wash. Your girls are lively by the way. Congrats on making the due date at home!


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