Charmed I’m Sure

Today’s daycare pickup was one for the books; and for once it wasn’t for misbehavior or some terribly stressful mom moment…more so something funny and memorable!

The girls spotted me opening the main school door before I even entered the building and all proceeded to run up, yelling their own version of the same event that happened a few minutes prior, completely intelligible to me.

It turns out everyone went potty a few minutes earlier and while their friend was taking her turn, Harper dropped her beloved Princess Ariel charm across her friend and into the toilet. It was then peed on, and not by Harper mind you. That is apparently an important element to the story. Now I kid you not, this event must have been the most significant thing to happen to the toddler class ALL day, and signifies that girls all go to the bathroom together from a young age- and that you just never know what will happen in there.

Now back to the story, with everyone yelling incoherently, I am dragged into the main school bathroom. Everyone crowds into the first stall immediately, shouting at me to look and there it is. That poor, poor Ariel charm sitting at the bottom of the bowl. Is it fitting that the charm is Ariel, and was about to head off to her watery afterlife? I think so.

Anyway, I repeated that my arm was not about to go into the toilet’s pee water and extract it, which was met with frustrations and then insistence that I had to extract it, especially from Harper. We had this discussion at home a week or two ago when a beloved bead was dropped into #2, and that met its afterlife without intervention. I repeated my no stance and she begrudgingly flushed it…and the charm didn’t move! That didn’t help my case one bit…at least cleaner water entered the scenario though. What do you think happened next?

Dramatic music.

Being a parent is so glamorous. I mean, this is the stuff of legends. OF COURSE, I rolled up my sleeve and had the pleasure of dunking my arm into the no (wo)man’s zone and retrieved that little smiling, patronizing princess face. This delighted the tiny humans surrounding me and after a thorough soap washing of my forearm and the treasured jewel, it was returned to an appreciative Harper. Reagan and Emerie supported my use of soap and then zoomed out of the restroom behind their sister, to go tell a classmate that all was well in the world and Mom had solved the problem!

So yes, that happened. Can’t say I’m proud of that experience, but at least the girls were excited to scream at Craig when we pulled in the garage that Mom put her arm in the toilet! Way to only share part of the story, kiddos. Good times.

Never a dull moment. At least this long and stressful week ended on a hilarious (and disgusting) note. And in case you wanted to know, the charm (which I called a bead and was corrected) made it all the way home. Now who knows where it is!

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